Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Jenn Caught Cheating on Van Johnson

Black Ink Crew Chicago's Jenn Caught Cheating on Van Johnson

It appears the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew Chicago will be filled with drama.

First, Ashley and Don’s marriage are on the rocks again, then, Van’s tattoo booth was trashed in the shop. Now, Van Johnson and Jenn seem to have called it quits, and this time for good, but wait until you get the tea spilling…

Black Ink Crew Chicago's Jenn Caught Cheating on Van has the latest happenings that will play out on the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew Chicago.

Black Ink Crew Chicago has been diligently filming the new season and getting all the action, drama and craziness. This season Van Johnson leading lady, Jenn get BUSTED cheating.

Sounds like payback is a b****h and Van Johnson is on the receiving end of it this time. He’s been known to be uber jealous. Anyways, Van posted a screenshot of text messages to his Instagram account EXPOSING his now ex who was spotted in the club with another man?

Apparently, Van’s friend saw Jenn with some guy at a club called The Black Cat, and the friend said, “They don;t look like friends.”

After receiving the text messages, Van posted this reply:

I got ears and eyes all over the world ? and I drive like Batman to the location and find out it’s true lol The Same Ol Dirty N**** too, better be glad I turned over a new leaf and ain’t go ape s*** because it’s PLEEEEEEEEENTY OF FISH ?? IN THE SEA and IM OFFICIALLY OFF PAROLE AS OF YESTERDAY, GOT BUSINESSES GOT MONEY GOT A TV SHOW AND GOT A GANG OF POTENTIALS IN MY DM, JUST ADDING CHAPTERS TO MY NEW ? STAY TUNED… REALLY JUST GETTING STARTED #CHICAGORILLA P.S. THANKS LIL BRO ??????????