Messy Brooke Valentine Gets The Tea on Teairra Mari

Messy Brooke Valentine Gets The Tea on Teairra Mari

Did you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this week?

In case you didn’t we got the latest tea to report and once again it’s about messy Brooke Valentine who has no career except being messy on reality TV or stalking her now fiance Marcus Black. Read on…

During the England trip that Donatella set up for Brooke Valentine has turned up the messiness.

Back in the day, Brooke Valentine was known for her song 2007 song “Girl Fight” featuring Big Boi and Fat Joe.

These days Brooke is the messy chick of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5.

Over the past few weeks, Marcus Black’s fiance has turned up her messy ways.

In England, her jealous side surfaced when she crashed Brigette Kelly‘s promo interview that Kelly set up herself for her concert and new album. Brooke thought it was cute to take over the Q&A and muscle Lil Brittney and Brigette’s opening act.

The only good thing is that after Brigette let her have it, the next day during a tea and biscuits luncheon Brook admitted she went too far.

Now, Brook has taken Teairra Mari’s drama upon herself as she is determined to get to the bottom of the Akbar Abdul-Ahad sex tape.  She also wants the tea so she can spill it to anyone who listens. #SMH

Watch as Brooke meets up with Akbar to get the truth about his relationship with Teairra Mari:

Brooke asks:

Akbar how did she get your babies all over her face? And do you still love her?

Girl, in the same sentence?

But the reveal comes when Akbar says:

I didn’t know we weren’t together when until the press conference.

Hold up, Whaaaaat?

Akbar also reveals that Teairra was told NOT to see him, but she flew out to Dallas to be with him after the press release.

Messy Brooke is in action and goes across town to meet up with Moniece to spill the tea.

Moniece isn’t ready to hear this one, but watch Brooke getting satisfaction out of it.

Brooke reveals that Teairra is not being truthful about still seeing Akbar after the press conference and before the England trip.

Watch as Brooke apologizes to Moniece for involving her in drama with Teairra Mari, then shows her proof that Teairra Mari isn’t through with Akbar.


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