Charmaine: Women Get Disrespected on Black Ink Chicago

Charmaine: Women Are Treated Different on Black Ink Crew

Charmaine: Women Get Disrespected on Black Ink Chicago!

Black Ink Chicago season 5 fueled a rumor that Charmaine, who was engaged at the time, “orally pleased” Van in Vegas. The bogus rumor almost affected her relationship with Neek Bey, but he knew it was a lie.

Then the last season of Black Ink Crew New York just wrapped but Teddy has been the slut of the shop every season, but when a rumor spills Ms. Kitty is FIRED and made out as a whore. Read on to hear Charmaine speaks on how women are disrespected on Black Ink Chicago and New York series… reports when Angela Yee asks about Ms. Kitty being on Black Ink Crew Chicago he says she pops up on a couple of shows.

As for the rumors about Ryan Henry smashing Ms. Kitty, he said that it is all FAKE NEWS.

Charmaine says “I did NOT f–k Van” and Van even said that it wasn’t true. She goes on to say that she felt that “people” meaning Don and Phor having her back.

Mrs. Bey says that females on Black Ink Crew are made to look like a whore. She feels that the incident was a HUGE backstabbing moment for her. To this day she doesn’t speak to certain cast members (Don and Phor) and half of the producers.

She felt that the producers tried to really put her under on the show and then dragging it out for 5 episodes.

Charmaine calls out producers pointing out that the production company put it on the women and NOT the men. Plenty of men “Ryan,” “Don” and “Phor” have done dirt on the show but they NEVER make it that big of a deal. Asking “did Charmaine F–k Van.

The biggest thing for her was that how is she going to move forward with half the cast and half the producers because she feels betrayed.

When a rumor pops up about Charmaine, producers are questions cast members and dragging it out for 5 episodes making her look like an untrustworthy sl-t who is engaged. It was unforgivable what production did for clickbait.

Watch the interview before because they don’t put the men on blast like they do the women of the franchise.

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