Jersey Shore: Angelina Pivarnick Denies Obsession with Vinny

Jersey Shore: Angelina Pivarnick Denies Obsession with Vinny

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has seen the return of Angelina Pivarnick to the family, but her return has been a bit bumpy.

Angelina Pivarnick maybe engaged, but on the series, she’s come off like she still wants Vinny. Last week she wouldn’t stop until she proved the fam that she and Vinny Guadagnino lived just around the corner.

Vinny tried to show they didn’t but he was shut down. This week it just got worse. Read on…

Angelina Pivarnick claims that she is NOT obsessed with Vinny Guadagnino, but we can all see she is full of it.

When they were in the Jersey Shore house Angelina and Vinny went at it with a food fight. Then they hugged it out and made Pauly jealous. The crazy thing is that Vinny has just been tolerating Angelina.

Jersey Shore was over the top after a night of drinking and belligerence Snooki, JWoww and Ronnie instigated Angelina Pivarnick to get try and get some from Vinny Guadagnino.

It was clear that he wanted nothing to do with her, but when Angelina showed up in his room she went on the attack.

Vin started getting pissed and even dropped his pants yelling if you won’t have sex lets do it.

When Angelina blew him off and clearly became just annoying chick that was crossing the line, he shut down and that is when she did the dick grab. He was immediately done, but Angelina didn’t stop.

She continued to act like a fool by attacking Vinny Guadagnino’s relationship with Pauly D. Once Snooki and JWoww heard that they felt bad.

The fam knows that Vinny and Pauly’s relationship is off limits especially on national TV. The next day, Vinny was radio silent. Snooki told her to apologize. Instead, she questioned Vin and he responded “all good.” It was not a good sign. It just got worse and on Sunday Funday dinner, the fam sat down, Pauly too, only to witness the EPIC fight between Vinny and Angelina.

While the show was airing Angelina was sounding off on Twitter saying:

Sorry that everyone’s making it look like I want this kid. I just don’t want to fight with people in this house anymore. #JSFamilyVacation so I’m much faster to apologize. I grew up from years ago. Life is short. I play around with @VINNYGUADAGNINO but there’s no sexual tension.

That is when Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino started beefing:

Vinny FIRED back saying:

Lmaooo this girl is a psycho!!!

And Angelina responded with:

No, you are. U literally think u are never wrong. Get over yourself. Omg. #JSFamilyVacation u never got drunk before??

Vin revealed why he dropped his pants saying:

Angelina kept trying to get in my bed so I pulled my pants down to give her what she wanted.

Of course, she said:

Been there done that. Wouldn’t want that. I’m engaged to a wonderful man. Good try but u didn’t succeed!

He even went as far, acting like The Situation going berserk in Rome:

I used the mike wall trick to knock myself out so I wouldn’t have to hear her annoying voice anymore.

Still, Angelina just didn’t get that Vinny basically hates her!

She FIRED BACK saying:

U are really unreal. U wish u hated my voice lol ???? I’m drunk and I know I’m not into @VINNYGUADAGNINO. U wish I truly want your d. Sorry the next day after I f u years ago I said how I regretted it. Everyone go watch that episode if u don’t believe me.

Angelina claims:


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