A1’s Mama Pam Bentley Shows Off African Husband

Looks like the whole Bentley family is all boo’d up and feeling fine. A1 and Lyrica are doing great, and Mama Pam Bently is doing wonderfully.

Pam Bentley is newly married to her African husband Anthony. Read on because she can’t stop sharing photos of her new 23-year-old hunk…

A1's Mama Pam Bentley Shows Off African HusbandCelebNReality247.com reports that the happy new wife, Pam Bentley, 53, can’t stop showing off her new African hunk husband, Anthony, who is 23-years-old.

Apparently, the modern-day fairy tale goes a little like this; Anthony slid into her DM’s, so Pam Bentley flew to Africa, and they got married.

You can say Pam is getting her groove back like Stella did.

CelebNReality247.com previously reported back in September that Pam reportedly flew to West Africa to meet her new man and the two ended up married.

And get this, Pam Bentley was married to her new husband, in a legal ceremony. The two are now working with US immigration, to get his paperwork so that he can live with Pam in the United States.

Now, Pam has been taking to social media to let the world know she is all boo’d up and feeling fine.

Take a look at A1’s new step daddy. This will surely be a great addition to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when Pam gets upset with her son. His new 23-year-old stepfather can weigh in on A1 Bentley, 30.


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