Safaree Samuels Receives Backlash OVER Erica Mena “Too Big” Comment

Safaree Samuels Receives Backlash OVER Erica Mena "Too Big" Comment

Safaree Samuels Receives Backlash OVER Erica Mena “Too Big” Comment!

Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree Samuels put his foot in his mouth once again when it comes to his wife Erica Mena. Read on since Safaree Samuels recieves backlash over Erica Mena comment… reports that during the recent “Love And Hip Hop Unlocked” is was revealed that Princess Love wants more babies with Ray J and that she wants more of his sperm.

The only problem is Princess Love and Ray J don’t get along married so the are going through with the divorce and will remain friends who co-parent.

But the big secret on the final “Love And Hip Hop Unlocked,” was Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena who gave an interesting update.

Erica Mena put Safaree Samuels all the way on blast.

The couple has been having a lot of drama on social media. In fact, there was one occasion where Safaree told his Instagram followers that they were getting a divorce.

That was not true, but what was true is that Safaree doesn’t want more kids and its for a selfish reason. And you could tell it bothers Erica deeply.

Apparently, Erica wants more children. But she said that Safaree doesn’t want her to get pregnant again for vanity reasons.

Mena said:

But tell them why you don’t want another one…cause I got “too big” during my pregnancy.

Safaree would go on to deny ever saying this, Erica said this is exactly what he told her. And things got messier from this point, too.

The reason is that Safaree Samuels said Erica Mena gained too much weight?

During one of the segments, Erica said that Safaree told her he doesn’t want to have more children. And he said that she had gotten fat, and he did as well. So he doesn’t want her to get pregnant again.

This took other cast members by surprise and the ladies were disgusted by his reason for no more kids. In fact, Ray J, Princess Love, Yung Joc, and the others called him out for this, he denied saying it.

In response to this, Erica said:

You said I got too big, you got too big. ‘I don’t want to be fat, again.’ That’s what you said.

Upon hearing this, Ray J told Safaree that he should apologize to Erica on camera. Then Princess asked why since Ray J has never apologized to her for the hurtful things he’s done to her.

Of course, Safaree Samuels thinks the surrogate route is best.

Erica then puts Safaree on blast even more:

And then not only that, he waits until after we get married to say that he don’t want more kids. You knew that I want more kids.

Princess then said that all Erica needs is sp*rm to get pregnant. And she wants Ray J’s sp*rm to have another baby because they can’t have it the traditional way again. She also said that they haven’t slept together in over three months.

of course, Safaree turned to Erica and said:

Come on, you’re perfect.

But she was unmoved:

I’m so perfect you don’t want more kids with me.

And in response to this, Safaree said:

I would love to. Just let someone else carry it.

Safaree has been getting lots of backlash since the episode aired. Now he has posted this video of his daughter:


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