Akbar: Why Polygamy Works For Him

Akbar on Why Polygamy Works For Him

When it comes to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s polygamist Akbar Abdul-Ahad and his women, Sade and Alejandra.

This is the second time the Love & Hip Hop franchise showed a polygamist relationship. The first time was on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Rod and Keonna and Jasmine Washington after she revealed she was pregnant by Kirk Frost. Now, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, Sade and Alejandra are answering some questions on how this lifestyle works. Read on…

Akbar on Why Polygamy Works For HimCelebNReality247.com reports if polygamist Akbar Abdul-Ahad, Sade and Alejandra have ever been in a monogamous relationship?

Akbar Abdul-Ahad had this to say to Vh1:

I was with my daughter’s mother, my ex-wife, and it didn’t work out. It was a situation of personality differences, but it wasn’t because of infidelity, cheating or anything like that. [When it didn’t work out], I decided to do something different. I was in that monogamous relationship for two years and we divorced. Since I’ve been with Sade, [it’s been more than] six years.

He adds:

I added another woman two years later, Alejandra, and [we] have been dealing with each other for four years.

The former point guard speaks on how Alejandra was all in and Sade was NOT.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad explains:

Alejandra bought into me, believed in me, trusted me and she fell in love with me. And she knew about Sade. But she didn’t know the extent of the relationship. And then I married Sade and, you know, that’s what threw it off, like “Hold on, what are you trying to do here?” I said I want multiple wives. It seems as if Sade does not want to lose out to Alejandra, and it seems like my relationship lasts longer when I added another woman in my life.

He explains how Sade has different views on how the relationship works.

Akbar explains:

Sade had an issue because she didn’t pick Alejandra. Sade wants to help through the process and that’s what I did as a man, that’s what causes the confusion and the conflict. Sade wants to pick the girl so she can control her and do some rules that I don’t agree with and that’s where you see the tension. The world didn’t get to see too much of it, but that’s where the dynamics have more to the story. In the return, I would like for Sade to pick a girl and I pick a girl to where we can see how it works with Sade picking someone that we really date and I have another girl that Alejandra can be friends with that she doesn’t control. Sade wants the full control of the woman. She wants to text the girl and be in the group text. She wants us to do everything together. And I want it separate and Sade doesn’t agree with that.

Meanwhile, Alejandra loves being in the relationship. She reveals that she’s in a “Bonnie and Clyde relationship” with Akbar.

Alejandra explains:

I have a really strong relationship with Akbar. I’ve been with him since way 2013. We’ve been together for five years, that’s like my best friend. We have this Bonnie and Clyde relationship.

As for Sade, she pulled the “no daddy” card and that’s why she doesn’t know how a marriage is supposed to work.

Sade had this to say about being in a polygamist relationship:

This [lifestyle] isn’t something that [Akbar] presented to me in the beginning of the relationship. This probably is not something I would have done, had he presented it that to me when we first met. This happened years after we were together. We had already formed a bond, and he kinda laid it on me after two and a half years of us being together by ourselves. I shut it down immediately. I was like, “No! That’s not happening.” We’re both young so we’re experimenting. Neither one of us had our fathers in our lives and we didn’t have any examples of how a marriage is supposed to go.

She adds:

Prior to him and Alejandra, we had threesomes. I don’t have a problem with other women because I like women. I appreciate women. It’s just that, what Akbar has been doing is picking women without me. And we’re supposed to pick them together

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