Diana Jenkins CALLS Sutton Stracke SNAKE After ‘Unforgivable’ Judgement

Diana Jenkins CALLS Sutton Stracke SNAKE After 'Unforgivable' Judgement

Diana Jenkins CALLS Sutton Stracke SNAKE After ‘Unforgivable’ Judgement!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sutton Stracke has been very opinionated for the past couple years. Last year Sutton could not stop badgering Ericka Jane regarding her lawsuits stacked up against her.

This year, Sutton Stracke has been very judgmental about Diana Jenkins regarding her miscarriage and other things. Diana was trying to be friends with Sutton, but after multiple attempts she realized Sutton is not who she claims to be…

Diana fells that Sutton is basically a snake, but CelebnReality247.com sees the same thing that she sees when it comes to calling Stracke a snake and judgmental.

During a group trip to Aspen, Colorado, on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills on Bravo, Jenkins lashed out at Stracke. It all started when Sutton brought up the fact that no one supported her when Ericka called her a C U Next Tuesday. Rena replied, “why should we?? Diana laughingly added, “because you are!”

The Reason why Diana Jenkins Went In On Sutton Stracke:

The 48-year-old show newcomer blasted Sutton, 50, for previously peppering her with questions after she came to a party shortly after suffering a miscarriage.

Diana said:

She came after me when I was f***ing bleeding. After the whole experience, she came after me when I was on the f***ing floor. You don’t do that. She comes after people when they are at their weakest.

Sutton just sat there and didn’t say anything to defend herself.

Diana said:

It’s unforgivable…I got out of f***ing deathbed to come to Garcelle’s birthday party and she shamed me.

It’s unforgivable, especially since she had two miscarriages that she hid from everybody, and I’m the first one to hear it. So, if it was such a hard thing to talk about it, why didn’t you understand?

She ranted.

So, I’m sorry. But she knew what she was doing.

That sparked Garcelle Beauvais, 55, to ask Sutton:

Were you shaming her?

Crystal Kung Minkoff, 39, said in a confessional:

I think Sutton is going to apologize a million times, and it all won’t really matter…It’s asinine to go in circles like that.

After watching Sutton this season, you would think she would stop offending others and saying hurtful comments. She does come off like a snake. And she loves to play the victim card all the time. It’s tiring.