Kimbella Addresses Juelz Santana Arrest

Kimbella Addresses Juelz Santana Arrest

Former Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella addressed Juelz Santana’s recent arrest at Newark International Airport for possession of drugs and a gun.

Read on to see what Kimbella revealed in her open-letter about Juelz Santana’s arrest

Kimbella Addresses Juelz Santana has the latest from Juelz Santana’s ride or die chick, Kimbella, who is standing by her man!

Kimbella has been ride or die for Juelz Santana for a long time now. With the rapper behind bars, she wants everyone to know that she is standing beside him through these tough times for him. reported that Santana is facing state and federal charges after TSA authorities founds a gun and drugs in his luggage.

Juelz ran out of the airport and into a taxi where he did not turn himself in until three days later.

Kimbella writes:

I know it’s hard my love but you will be home soon! It’s all in God’s hands, there’s a reason for everything that happens in life.. even though this is a difficult time you are LOVED by many!! GOD’s got something BIG planned for you but you gotta get through this first, have that clear & clean mindset. I’m here always in your corner paving the way to greatness! You’ll be home soon to those who love you so much!! Chin up, prayers up, GOD is the greatest!! ???????

This would have been great for Love & Hip Hop upcoming season, plus it would help pay the bills racking up, since Juelz is locked up until his court date. Not only that, but he’s gonna have some serious lawyer fees once court starts, especially since the judge is ready to lock him up behind bars and throw away the key.

Do you think Kimbella will be returning to LHHNY?