LHHA Star Scrappy Checks Producers Over Erica Dixon

LHHA Star Scrappy Checks Producers Over Erica Dixon

LHHA Star Scrappy Checks Producers Over Erica Dixon!

After all these years on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Scrappy finally hits his breaking point with the series producers. Read on Scrappy Checks Producers…

CelebnReality247.com reports that Scrappy and Bambi have been having issues in their marriage thanks to a revelation made by Momma Dee.

During the filming, the “Love And Hip Hop Family Reunion” special Momma Dee brought it up and shared this information with Yung Joc and Sierra Gates.

Yes, y’all she stirred the pot and that didn’t sit well with Scrappy. But he and Bambi would both later come clean about the issues in their marriage during part two of the special.

During a conversation with Joc, Scrappy said that he doesn’t feel Bambi caters to him the way he caters to her.

Then, Joc pointed out that Scrappy needs to remember that Bambi has been pregnant the majority of their marriage, Scrappy sees things differently. And he feels there should still be changes made on her end.

It sounds a bit one-sided if you ask us. So, during a green screen interview, he said:

I know you taking care of the kids and all that but take care of your man. I’m a whole human.

The Coronavirus Has Been Tough on Scrappy and Bambi:

Bambi admits, she confirmed that they have been fighting a lot during the pandemic. But when Scrappy threatened to file for divorce, she clapped back by contacting an attorney.

In addition to his marriage problems, Momma Dee also wants him to fix his co-parenting relationship with Erica Dixon. Things got a little too REAL for Scrappy on reality TV so he went off on producers after Erica showed up to film.

Next, Bambi and Erica Dixon clear the air.

That didn’t sit well with Scrappy. Especially since the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars don’t even communicate outside of text messages. And Erica isn’t proud of this. She can’t understand why it’s not possible for them to be cordial for the sake of their daughter.

When Bambi saw Erica arrive during the cast’s field day event planned by Fizz, Bambi decided to pull Erica to the side so they could talk.

She said:

I feel like it’d be kind of awkward energy like when we’re in the same place. So I’m coming to you, I feel like after all these years, it should not be that. If you ever feel like I have ever came at you in a foul type of way, I just want to clear whatever situation we have up cause I don’t have no issue with you whatsoever.

Bambi continued:

So I don’t want it to be awkward. This is a family situation.

Erica responded:

I mean it’s not awkward. It’s always kinda been like an elephant in the room. At this point, we’re both adults. Let bygones be bygones. It is what it is.

And both women agreed to leave the past in the past.

Scrappy NOT Here for Mending Fences Erica Dixon:

Once again, Scrappy didn’t take kindly to Erica and Bambi squashing things. Basically, Scrappy isn’t ready to move forward.

Scrappy wasn’t here for talking to Erica or being asked about her by the producers. During a green screen interview, a producer said to Scrappy, “Now that you have a minute, are you ready to deal with the Erica situation?”

Scrappy said:

Ay man, listen, listen, we gotta get past the Erica joint. Y’all gotta…I mean, y’all gotta get past it.

When Erica pulled Scrappy to the side and asked if they could talk, he wasn’t interested. And in his green screen interview, he checked the producers when they asked why he’s against discussing Erica.

Scrap said:

Y’all not finna have me talking about her this whole time. I’m talking about…we keep talking about her more than my own wife. I’m not finna be doing that.

He continued:

Find whoever that girl with, and y’all can sit them up here, and they can talk about her the whole time. Every conversation you keep saying is Erica, Erica, Erica, Erica.

The bottom line is Scrappy looks like an @ss in all this.

Erica would later say she thinks that’s sad.