Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion: Liars, Pettiness, & Hugs

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion: Liars, Pettiness, & Hugs

On Monday night the final part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion played out for all to see.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion Pt 2 got to see the showdown between Teairra Mari and Akbar who clearly went on the show because he is an opportunist. Kimberly and Paris faced off in another yelling match. Brooke Valentine tried to plea she’s a truth teller and Moniece and Princess shocked everyone. Plus a few accusations made for confusion. Read on…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion: Liars, Pettiness, & reports the following events that took place on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion pt 2.

We all know that next year things will be a lot different with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion 5 Pt 2 since most of the cast fulfilled their final season on the series.

On the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion Pt 2 Teairra Mari and Bridget Kelly blast Akbar’s treatment of women. His women think that he was their savior. Akbar admitted that he preys on women who are counted out.

The ex-con wants the women who have no father, so he can control their lives. Brigette Kelly asks Akbar and his chicks why did he go after Teairra Mari.

Moniece is so heated that she tries to attack but gets stopped by security, watch:

Things continue to escalate as Teairra Mari confronts Akbar Abdul-Ahad, his wife Sade, and girlfriend Alejandra about their constantly changing stories regarding the release of her sex tape.

Watch as his side chick Alejandra say:

I did it, she did it, he did it, you did it.

Huh? What is so crazy is this b—h is ready to go to jail for Akbar. He must have a dick of gold to have his women do time for him. #SMH

Following Teairra fueding with Akbar, Sade, and Alejandra, she faces off with Kimberly.

Kimberly admits that she wants to smash Sade, but she would NEVER be one of the women in Akbar’s polygamist relationship. K apologizes to Teairra Mari saying:

I’m sorry…if they did that to you it will come out and they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

We doubt Akbar or his women care.

Following Teairra, Nina asks Brooke Valentine why she came for Nikki Mudarris.

Nikki Babe clears the air and admits that Solo Lucci NEVER put his piece in Nikki.

Next up, Kimberly quickly turns into K Michelle when she has to face off with Paris. She goes off and says that she is going to press charges against Paris. You can see that her former assistant is scared but tries to save face on the reunion. Paris admits that she was wrong for using her credit card.

Kimberly gets pissed and walks off:

After a whole season of pop-ups, attacks, and verbal assaults, Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love-Norwood finally apologize to each other and hug it out.

This was actually nice to see.

To wrap the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 Reunion Kimberly sings a song off her new album called “Save Me.”

Until next season…

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