Lyrica Anderson Has Receipts for Kimberly Michelle

Lyrica Anderson Has Receipts for Kimberly Michelle

After being made to look like a complete unprofessional artist by Kimberly on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lyrica Anderson is getting the last word via social media.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 star Lyrica Anderson took to social media in a post/delete coming for K Michelle aka Kimberly.

Continue on to see what Lyrica had to say about Kimberly faking it for TV… was on it because we grabbed Lyrica Anderson’s post before she deleted it to show you what Kimberly actual said after they performed in New York earlier this year.

On the show, Kimberly stated that she was so pissed about the over charges that she was going to drop Lyrica Anderson from her tour and have Bridget Kelly open for her instead.

Later, Kimberly and Lyrica ended up facing off, and when the Rebel Heart went in for the kill having security excuse Anderson from the room, Lyric turned it up a notch.

It became a mic feud. For some reason Lyrica thought shw was going to fight K one the mic on who had the better voice.

It ended with Kimberly throwing a chair at Anderson.

After the first episode aired Lyrica put Kimberly on BLAST via Instagram for 24 hours and the deleted the post.

She said:

For a show I supposedly late to… looks like you weren’t that mad after .. #ThisWasAfterThePerformance … but hey ????? cameras cause a switch up for story.. #AintNoFriendInThisGame #PSIWasNeverLATEEEEE #NextTimeSendMeTheAddyToTheVenue ?

Here is the photo that captured:

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