Miss Kitty BLASTED For ‘Doing Too Much’ To Charmaine’s Shop

Miss Kitty BLASTED For ‘Doing Too Much’ To Charmaine’s Shop

Miss Kitty BLASTED For ‘Doing Too Much’ To Charmaine’s Shop, 2nd City Ink!

Black Ink Crew’s Miss Kitty spotted doing the most after Charmaine gives her a power position at 2nd City Ink…

CelebNreality247.com reports that Miss Kitty has over-stepped her position and 2nd City Ink artists are NOT cool with her.

After Jess packed up and went back home with her tail between her legs, Miss Kitty stepped up and threw her authority around.

Walker’s partner Jessica’s departure came after she questioned Kitt coming to the shop and what skills she could bring to the shop.

It was NOT the best move on Charmaine’s part. Then, 2nd City Ink artists were not open arms to Kitt’s approach.

They are 100% behind Jess.

See, Kitty was hired by 2nd City Ink owner Charmaine Walker to manage the tattoo shop while she’s away on leave. Several of the tattoo artists were against the brand ambassador working at the shop because they felt her position was irrelevant.

Then, Kit laid down her rules:

Structure is needed. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make 2nd City Ink the biggest brand out there. However, if you guys feel like this is not the type of environment that you want to work in, then maybe you should seek employment elsewhere.

Here is what Black Ink Chicago fans had to say:

Relax sis telling them to look for employment elsewhere is a bit too much! ????? She’s doing way too much…

Charmaine gave her a lil job she didn’t tell her to turn everything upside down and Kitty being petty with it smh. Girl chill tf out!

Everyone gonna quit smh kitty doing to much. I’m starting not to like her ?

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