Ryan Henry “Dead Inside” Over Loss of his Sister

Ryan Henry "Dead Inside" Over Loss of his Sister

9Mag owner Ryan Henry opens up about how he feels “dead inside” since the loss of his sister.

The Black Ink Crew Chicago star who admits that he’s “been so far removed from the norm that now just seeing a picture of my Sister…reminded me how far my family has fallen.”

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Ryan Henry "Dead Inside" Over Loss of his SisterThe 9Mag owner and Black Ink Crew Chicago star Ryan Henry says, “I haven’t seen “a picture of my Sister cuz because I’m moving around so much.”

Ryan Henry was recently in a flux thinking about how life is short and how he and his “family has fallen and struggle to rebuild since their loss. And after that, myself, friends, relationships, etc…”

This past season of Black Ink Crew Chicago has been trying for Henry since he fell out with his 9Mag fam. He still is in touch with Phor and their friendship remains strong.

As for Van, Charmaine, and Daniel, Ryan feels betrayed. Don is in the middle of it all, and now he’s expanding his 9Mag brand with two locations in Chicago.

Even though he strives to be a successful businessman, Ryan Henry admits that you need to “make sure you fix those things before you try to move on without doing so.”

He adds:

I’ve let people make me believe that a part of me isn’t dead and that I should just move forward cuz I should be ok. – Everything is not, no matter what level of success.

The only problem is that Henry is still questioning and doubtful of the future, his family, and rebuilding.

Ryan continues by saying:

It catches up to you. I owe my family, children, and some friends a rebuilt Ryan, and I will give him to them in due time.

Henry’s thoughts about where he is mentally comes after looking at the upper left photo from one of his clients.

This is a picture from a client of mine from years ago who also lost her Sister and it speaks volumes to those who know, even though we walk around with Masks of greatness every day.

Ryan continues to admit that he is still dead inside since the loss of his heart, his sister.

Henry concludes:

I “could be almost dead inside… and not a soul, know it.. sooo… Just so…. you….know… “You could eat all the Kale. You could Do all the yoga. You could read all the books. Drink all the alkaline water. But if you don’t deal with the sh-t going on in your head, you are still the most unhealthy” person.

Ryan Henry "Dead Inside" Over Loss of his Sister

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