Family Therapy: Did Sister Pattenson Cause Tiffany Pollard Miscarriage

Sister Pattenson Cause Tiffany Pollard Miscarriage

Family Therapy continues to satisfy our guilty pleasure, last night was another shocker for Tiffany Pollard. Did Sister Patterson stressed out Tiffany Pollard purposely?!?

When Tiffany Pollard reveals that she is pregnant to the group on Family Therapy, Sister Patterson is angered, she refuses to reveal her feeling on the flip…

Sister Pattenson Cause Tiffany Pollard Miscarriage

Last night was great, Dr. Jenn has a therapist that specializes in the way people write. The therapist can tell who is a liar, dominate, and has secrets!

Cool right?

The session of Family Therapy is about Tiffany Pollard who happily announced that she was pregnant. Her mother was remorseful, angered and in denial that the news was true. She said that she’d know if her daughter was pregnant, and she knows that she is not. This woman is a piece of work. She is probably the most manipulative woman we’ve ever seen on TV. She is rude, obnoxious, nasty and thinks everyone should cower at her feet. She is either bipolar or crazy, because she puts the C in controlling. Who needs enemies with a mother like Sister Patterson.

She was so nasty when Tiffany said she was pregnant, we just wanted to give New York a hug. You could tell the stress was way too much for everyone in the room let alone Tiffany, who was 5 weeks pregnant.

The whole show centered around the pregnancy and the stress Tiffany was under, but there was one great moment.

What we like about this episode of Dr Jenn’s Family Therapy, was the therapist had some things to say to Dina Lohan, and you could tell she didn’t want to hear it. It was revealed that she has regret, secrets and most of all, she is a liar. Ding Ding Ding, the therapist gets a price. We in the media all know that. But it was cool to see Michael Lohan vindicated. Though the Dr. also revealed that Michael was a control freak. another thing we knew.

As for Bam, The doc said he had secrets and denial, which Bam agreed. As for his mother, she lets him walk all over her because she is passive and desperate for his love. Another thing that was true.

Bam also reveals a secret that he has a bottle of Vodka in his room. Jenn is in shock, but he says he is willing to stop drinking. Meanwhile, his mom April had this to say after Bam’s reveal, even though she fears Bam’s sobriety is temporary.


Next was, Dame Dash, it revealed he has a fear of losing control, and fears of losing people in his circle. If you think about it, we can see why. He and Jay fell out over Roc-a-fella and Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash taking the one woman he truly loved away. If she was around Dame would probably be a different person. He is motivated by work, but misses out on the people who love him. His family!

Then the doc turned to Tiffany. He told her that she tends to get credit for being a loud mouth, and screw up, and how she loves that attention. We agree, lets not forget the ratchet way she was on Flavor of Love and I Love New York.

Sister Patterson quickly attacks the doctor saying that he was unprofessional. He points out that she is rude, nasty and obnoxious…basically all the things we see. He says she is demanding manipulative and controlling. More of the same things all of us see. The only one who doesn’t see it or even gets it is, Sister Patterson who has decided to do nothing to contribute to a process session.

She is rebelling from the Family Therapy and making it hard on her daughter. Does she care?

As for Tiffany, the episode ends with her being completely stressed out since Sister Patterson refuses to support her daughter.

Tiffany Pollard is rushed to the hospital because of extreme stress. She says that she is light-headed and dizzy. All signs of a possible miscarriage. Something that her mother Sister Patterson will be smiling about.

So if this happens, then we found out what happened to baby Cinnamon and it was Sister Patterson’s fault.

Watch this clip from Dr, Jenn’s: Family Therapy: