Teresa Giudice: Joe Gorga and I Are ‘Good’ After ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Fight

Teresa Giudice: Joe Gorga and I Are ‘Good’ After ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Fight

Teresa Giudice: Joe Gorga and I Are ‘Good’ After ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Fight!

Once again, Real Housewives of New Jersey tries to keep everyone in the dark about what is really going on with she and her brother. If you ask Joe Gorga he is still hurt for the things she said to him and how she treated him all season.

But if you ask Teresa Giudice, she claims she and her brother, Joe Gorga, are “good” after she called him a “bitch boy” during the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion. She doesn’t realize that she humiliated her brother on national TV. Get more on the Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga family feud…

CelebnReality247.com reports that the OG “Housewife” told “Entertainment Tonight” Monday that she and Joe are good, she said, “We’re good. I apologized to him.”

What Teresa Giudice doesn’t realize is that her apologies SUCK, but maybe they are so bad because she dealt with Joe Giudice and his abusive manor for so long in her marriage that she has no clue how to truly apologize.

In addition to that, her time behind bars has made Teresa a little bit tougher since she served some time.

As for Teresa, she continues to claim:

We’re good. I apologized to him. But you know, brothers and sisters call each other names all the time, right? We haven’t done that in a while. He’s called me names in the past that, you know, I didn’t like either.

But I wasn’t trying to say that. I was just trying to make a point. I wouldn’t hurt my brother,” she insisted, adding, “I love my brother, and I don’t want to insult him in any way.

It’s unclear whether Giudice, 49, and Gorga, 42, resolved their issues privately, as he did not respond to or even “like” the apology she left in a comment on his May 5 Instagram post.

Giudice wrote under a clip of “Wendy Williams Show” guest host Michael Rapaport defending Gorga against his sister’s insult:

I am so sorry did not mean that at all there was so much going on during the taping that I lost myself. Love you tons ?? XOXO.

Teresa Giudice: Joe Gorga and I Are ‘Good’ After ‘RHONJ’ Reunion Fight

But it wasn’t just the on-screen name-calling that hurt Gorga; he also felt disrespected by Giudice not making his wife, Melissa Gorga, a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

Joe said on the “Melissa Gorga on Display” podcast earlier this month:

Regardless if she liked my wife or she didn’t like my wife, she’s basically smacking me in the face, and she’s giving me no respect, and she’s making it hard on me.  It’s not about just my wife — it’s basically, ‘I don’t care about my brother.’

While Melissa, 43, insisted that she is “not upset” with her sister-in-law, she agreed the snub was “insulting” to her husband.

Still, she said she is washing her hands of trying to keep the family at peace.

I truly feel like I have hit every avenue. I have no guilt,” Melissa said on Monday’s episode of Betches’ “Mention It All” podcast, adding that she feels “free” after she and Giudice made a pact during the three-part reunion to stop pretending they like each other.

It’s OK to say that [Teresa and I] don’t have the best relationship, and I don’t feel guilty saying that because I tried really hard, and I know that I tried hard — for my in-laws and for Joe.

[My in-laws] are not here anymore, and now … it is sad to see [Joe] not have family.

Tuesday May 19th, is Teresa’s 50th birthday…Happy Birthday!


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The “RHONJ” Season 12 reunion concludes Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.