Tokyo Vanity Goes Off On Popeyes Employee

Tokyo Vanity Goes Off On Popeyes Employee

Tokyo Vanity Goes Off On Popeyes Employee!

Please don’t tell it is was over that horrible chicken sandwich people were fighting over last year. The Popeyes Chicken sandwich is terribly salting and disgusting.

Anyways read on to see Tokyo Vanity go off on Popeyes Employee over bad customer service… reports that rapper Tokyo Vanity is no stranger to speaking her mind. It’s one of the reasons why she quickly became a fan favorite.

Although the show has been on hiatus due to the pandemic, Tokyo Vanity hasn’t been drama-free. She went through a nasty public breakup with an up and coming rapper. And she also had a nasty social media feud with a blogger just weeks ago.

Tokyo’s latest feud was actually with a Popeye’s employee. She actually called out the employee while she was on Instagram Live. After Tokyo received what she alleges was poor customer service, she went all the way off.

Tokyo unleashed her hood side and went off on a Popeyes employee after they wanted three separate bags and the employee said no.

She yelled out at him:

And you know what, to anybody in here who works for any fast food place, I do not have no problem with y’all. You know what I’m saying? When I was in school, I used to be trying to work at a fast-food place. But it’s all about common courtesy. You know what I’m saying? So it ain’t against y’all. All my friends got jobs. You know, it ain’t no beef with y’all. Cause b*tch, I know how y’all love to take sh*t and run with it.

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