Why Ryan Henry BLASTS Black Ink Chicago Producers

Ryan Henry Calls Out Black Ink Chicago Producers

Why Ryan Henry BLASTS Black Ink Chicago Producers!

We previous told you about Neek Bey BLASTING the producers of Black Ink Chicago for making up lies and NOT telling the truth for story line purposes. Well, it appears that Ryan Henry is also setting the record straight about the premiere episode and the edits the producers made. Read on and get all the tea spill on why Ryan Henry Blasts Black Ink Chicago Producers…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Ryan decided to air his feeling about the first episode of the mid-season premiere of Black Ink Chicago.

Henry was displeased that Black Ink Crew producers (Big Fish) are making him look like a liar and cheater with Ms Kitty.

We have the latest from Ryan who said:

But Now to begin a season with me being a liar, a cheater, dishonest black man cuz it’s entertaining rather than the truth, is what I don’t and won’t agree with. “It’s what you signed up for”. No it’s not. I’m here to inspire those who aspire and can relate to real. Not BS edits.

He goes on to say that he is NOT happy with the edit of the series because he has many young men who look up to him.

Ryan explains:

I fight against it because I have young men who look up 2me, I have children that can see now per some fucked up edits that it looks like it’s okay to lie 2multiple women including their mom and be a bitchmove making man which I didn’t &don’t. Yet I’m put out to the world as such.

This is why he created 9Mag in Chicago and said yes to Black Ink Crew.

He explains:

I created a platform & lane for artists, black businesses, & provide jobs for many. There is no “why don’t u just quit”… I started something, something great, &there is more great being seen than BS, but I won’t allow the little shit to overshadow what I am & what we represent.

As For Kit:

Ryan Henry clarifies the situation:

1. I never started a relationship with Kit.  Last season edited a convo where I stated “if we are filming scenes where ppl r starting to believe that WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP, I’m still not gonna play you & …. etc etc” because I was requested to shit on her. I didn’t!

He adds:

Kit can back that statement up. It led y’all to believe that I started a relationship with her and immediately took Rachel on a trip and started a relationship with her too. This is false. We go on a family trip every year no matter what it was her parents 40th anniversary.

When it comes to the truth about Ryan and Kit, he explains the “relationship” was for TV:

When I didn’t start a relationship with kit or super play her out as I was requested to, the narrative of not my producers, but the Post Production team at big fish was 2 “if u won’t do it our way we will edit & make it our story” so no matter who I rode for, they told THEIR story

Regarding The mother of his son, Rachel.

Ryan makes it clear:

Rachel & I have been separated over 2-yrs & have never gotten back together. At any cost we still take entire family trips to create the memories for all of our children regardless of relationship statuses. Voiceovers from scenes 3 years ago telling each other “I love you” were added.

In the end Ryan is looking bad once again and he is NOT happy at all:

When they got the final cut of the finale episode; Producers were literally heard saying “oh shit they fucked Ryan. Nobody answer his calls when this airs” the day before it aired.
It was fully twisted from what myself, Rachel, and Kit filmed and provided. Skillfully edited tho.

He recalls the last time Big Fish did this to him for story-line it caused a HUGE fight:

I’ve had my mishaps on this show almost 4 years ago being immature and irresponsible. Fought the last 3 years to build myself and character up from where I fucked up. So it means a lot to me what levels of integrity our supporters take from what I display from where I’ve grown!

There you have it!

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