A1 Bentley SLAPS Misster Ray Over Summer Bunni

A1 Bentley + Misster Ray Fight Over Summer Bunni

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s new season just gets messier and messier! The revamped VH-1 series promises to bring back plenty of drama as A1 Bently has become the Kirk Frost of the Hollywood franchise.

According to sources A1 SLAPPED the black off Misster Ray’s face and things escalated from there and it was all over homewrecker Summer Bunni who will do anything for her 15 minutes. Read on get the tea on why A1 Bentley SLAPS Misster Ray

CelebNRealit247.com reports that Summer Bunni is the side chick who came between A1 Bentley and his wifey Lyrica Anderson.

Now, more tea is spilling from the weekend after footage surfaced of A1 Bentley + Misster Ray fighting after cameras turned off. Apparently, security wasn’t fast enough to stop A1 from slapping Misster Ray and he is HEATED in the clip.

Misster Ray instantly took to Twitter and tweeted out a simple statement about having been “assaulted” by both A1 and A1’s bodyguard at 3:51 last Friday morning

He let everyone know:

I’ve been assaulted by A1 Bentley and his bodyguard.

A1 Bentley + Misster Ray Fight Over Summer Bunni

Moniece Slaughter and  Brittany B. both reached out to Ray to see if he was ok after A1’s attack:

A1 Bentley + Misster Ray Fight Over Summer Bunni


A1 Bentley + Misster Ray Fight Over Summer Bunni

Starcasm reports:

Summer got involved not long after that. She took to Instagram to thank her friend Misster Ray for what sounds like sticking up for her — presumably the reason Ray got attacked. According to Summer’s version of events, the fight took place at “Zell[‘s] event,” and she had been planning on attending until someone, possibly an LHHH producer, told her to stay away “due to the fact that 2 wack members were there.” It’s believed that the “2 wack members” of the cast were A1 and Lyrica, with whom Summer has already brawled once in the aftermath of the gossip about A1 having an affair with Summer earlier this year.

Summer posted this on social media about the incident that took place.

She said:

So I got multiple videos and tags of my dear friend Ray getting assaulted last night at Zelle [sic] event. I was invited to the event, but when I said I was coming I was told I couldn’t show up due to the fact that 2 wack members were there. Now look I’ve kept it real from day 1 anything I’ve done with these so called married men I’ve admitted to. Now for this looser [sic] to lay his hands on my friend is wack. You’ve ran from me multiple times. So has your wife. Not to mention had someone sit in between us when we spoke. When are y’all going to be bold enough to talk to me. And why does it take 2 3 4 5 people to defend y’all relationship? Bro we will meet soon, and I have ALL my receipts and more! Till then, I love you ray and thanks for always having my back no matter what!

A1 Bentley + Misster Ray Fight Over Summer Bunni

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