‘Love Island USA’ 2022 Finale: And The Winners Is

'Love Island USA' 2022 Finale: And The Winners Is

‘Love Island USA’ 2022 Finale: And The Winners Is?

Tonight was all about dates and unforgettable romantic moments for the final three couples: Deb and Jesse, Sydney and Isaiah, and Zeta and Timmy…

'Love Island USA' 2022 Finale: And The Winners Is

THE WINNERS of Love Island USA 2022

CelebnReality247.com was glued in as this was our love connection competition series for the summer along with FBoy Island Season 2 which was too short.

Anyways, Love Island USA Season 4 brought it all 37 episodes and we were there each and every night watching what was going down on the island.

Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb:

Tonight, Deb finally came a realization that Jesse was the one, so she told him that she got out of her head and was ready to be exclusive. Tonight, Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb became boyfriend and girlfriend on their carnival date.


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Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight:

Sydney and Isaiah had a romantic dinner for two, that was accompanied with a pianist and tons of flowers while they enjoyed each other and sushi.


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Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi:

Lastly, Zeta and Timmy had their night time date as they drove a 1950s Chevy to a romantic spot under the stars and surrounded by trees laced with lights. The two had an unforgettable night.


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Tonight, Zeta Morrison, a 29-year-old babysitter and model from Suri, England, and Timmy Pandolfi, a 29-year-old personal trainer and real estate agent from New York City, were were crowned the 2022 winners of “Love Island.” The two split a $100,000 prize.

The runners-up were Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb and Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight. All three pairs had coupled up in the first episode, upon first meeting.

What happened before the ‘Love Island USA’ 2022 finale?

In Episode 32, the islanders are dealing with the fallout from the Let’s Face It challenge, in which the cast members found out what brutal things were being posted about them on Twitter.

It was all about a post about Isaiah supposedly comparing Sydney’s to Phoebe’s natural beauty is one of the biggest bombshells of the night, and Sydney doesn’t “know how to go forward” with Isaiah.

On Episode 33:

Deb was all in her head about Jesse and wasn’t sure if he was the one. She said he was everything she wanted on paper but still had doubts. Deb asks, “I worry that he’s making me boring, in a sense.” That led to her turning Jesse down when he asked her to be his girlfriend. The poor guy was broken hearted.

Then, the Villa lost two singles Joel and Mackenzie after they had a finale recoupling and Chad picked Phoebe. thanks to the women they voted save Chad, that when McKenzie stepped up and said she was ready to leave. Mackenzie announces that “I think that Phoebe should definitely stay.” It worked out since Joel was looking forward to reconnecting with Casa Amor girl Bella Barbaro on the outside.

On Episode 34:

Deb’s still torn about Jesse, and she relays her concerns to him.

“I am kind of worried about the real world,” she tells him in bed. “Do you think we mesh enough for the real world?”

Turns out, he’s pretty confident about them — so much so that he wants her to be his girlfriend.

“Coming in here, I didn’t think that I would fall for somebody so hard,” he tells her the next evening. “I am ready for commitment. I am 100%, you know, invested in you. I think I do really want you to be my girlfriend.”

Then she elaborates: “I don’t know if I’m, like, ready for something that serious. We have always moved at such a different pace than everybody else in here. That just shows that we don’t need to put a label on anything right away. Like, obviously, I would love to be your girlfriend one day, but … for me, I think we just need more time on the outside to see how it goes. I just want to be realistic.”

Jesse feels rejected.

“I really like the girl. So she just doesn’t see it in me. Definitely feel sad,” he says in an interview. “If she’s not seeing it now, even after all this, it’s like she’s probably not going to see it.”

On Episode 35:

At the top of the day, the couple vote out Chad and Phoebe which leads into a heated argument between Jeff and Timmy. It also causes drama between Nadja and Jeff. Nadja and Jeff end up sleeping in separate beds.

Meanwhile, Deb seems to have gotten some resolution, too; later in the episode, she tells him, “I really really don’t want to lose you. And I like you a lot, and I really do want to fight for this.”

Episode 36:

The couples introduce their families to each other; a surprise dumping leaves the votes in the Islanders’ hands to determine which duo to send home.

His dad said he felt she was “ify” and now we saw why he said that. When Nadja asked Jeff what did his dad mean by that, he replied “that you are not 100% there for me.”

After the argument, Jeff expected Nadja to make sure he was ok and to back him since she was the one who reeled him up about Chad and Phoebe getting voted off. Instead she went and cried to the girls. She felt Jeff was not the one anymore and decided it was not right for she ad Jeff to be in the finale.

It was sad since Nadja and Jeff’s conversations went well, too; she tell her mom in Spanish, “He was a friend before we became lovers. He’s been really kind to me, and I like him a lot.”

Shortly after the blow up, the two departed.

Are you happy who won the ‘Love Island USA’ 2022 Finale?