Aubrey O’Day Wished Pauly D Death

Aubrey O'Day Wished Pauly D Death

Marriage Boot Camp had some truly shocking reveals during one of the training obstacles for the couples, but Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D’s was the worst.

Pauly D has tried everything he could to prove to Aubrey O’Day that he loves her and has NEVER cheated on her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe him. Read on… is weighing in on Aubrey O’Day because she has so much baggage that Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Pauly D can never win.

Pauly D has tried and tried to prove his love to her. The Jersey Shore Guido has even admitted to Aubrey O’Day being the first woman that he loved enough to be in a committed relationship.

Aubrey O’Day is too blind by her own self and her own issues to see the truth. Her reality of their relationship is twisted and Pauly D, who is now single will NEVER win.

On Friday, Pauly D got the most shocking news. It’s something that you never want to hear from someone you love or someone you are planning to spend the rest of your life with.

Aubrey first said in a confessional “sometimes I wish Pauly D was DEAD!” Yes, she said that? Can you believe the audacity of it?

Who is she?

Anyways, things got real ugly when the doctors made each individual confess their feelings to the partners or be dumped in a tank of water snakes.

O’Day confessed to Pauly that she “wished him DEAD” and he was dumbfounded.

If you ask us, there is NO reason for Pauly to stay with her, therapy over and Aubrey NEEDS to be out of his life for good. When someone says something that ugly and that heartfelt, they mean it. It will never change, and no apology could ever forgive her for a statement like that.

As for, Aubrey? Well, Aubrey, 34, said it was often “miserable” while dating Jersey Shore’s Pauly, 38, and that she even contemplated ending her life during a particularly dramatic confessional. Now that their relationship is over, it’s become so hard for her to watch those moments replay on TV.

At the end of the day, what O’Day doesn’t realize is that we’ve seen what she does to Pauly and how she flips it when talking with the others in the house. She is manipulative and selfish. She is just in denial and now doing press to clean it up and look a victim when Pauly D is the true victim in the relationship that failed.

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