BK Brasco + Sierra Gates Get Disrespectful With Each Other

BK Brasco + Sierra Get Disrespectful With Each Other

BK Brasco and Sierra Gates relationship has completely fallen apart but the two friends turned lovers have continued to mess up their romance.

Last season BK Brasco messed up cheating on Sierra Gates and then Karlie Redd threw a wrench in their relationship spilling tea the BK Brosco tried to hook up with Pooh. Continue on because now BK and Sierra get disrespectful…

CelebNReality247.com is utterly disappointed with BK Brasco and Sierra this season. Their communication is out the door and it has led them to breakup.

Back in the beginning of the season things looked to be ok with BK Brasco and Sierra Gates, that was until Karlie Redd stuck her two cents into the mix since she and Mo were on the outs.

Misery loves company, and Karlie was spreading the hate to her friends, sabotaging relationships.

She tried to mess up Joc and his now fiance’s Kendra’s relationship, but their love proved strong. As for Sierra, she is always up in the drama, especially being a hairstylist, she should check herself for listening to Karlie but NOPE.

Instead, Sierra listened to her, so during the cabin trip Sierra spilled the tea that she slept with another man and cheated on BK. The sad part was that he was in tears because he was planning on proposing that night.

Instead, their relationship turned to off, and they went their own ways. On Monday’s episode, BK Brasco was in good spirits hoping to make up with Sierra and get his dog back.

He didn’t expect her to get nasty and tell him it’s over and that she is living her best life without him.

Security had to break them up because it just went all wrong.

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