Black Ink Chicago 6 Cuts Multiple Main Cast Members

Black Ink Chicago 6 Cuts Multiple Main Cast Members

Black Ink Chicago 6Black Ink Chicago 6 Cuts Multiple Main Cast Members Returns Without Main Cast Members!

Black Ink Crew Chicago will be returning in a few days and we are hearing that some of the cast will NOT be.

According to sources, Black Ink Chicago is losing 3 main and 2 supporting cast members. Read on to find out the Black Ink Chicago cast cuts…


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A post shared by Van Johnson (@vanjohnsonofficial) on previously reported that Van Johnson hopped on social media and said he would be exposing the show and the cast very soon.

Then, Van Johnson‘s post had some fans confused, but many questioned his message when he said he was going to EXPOSE 9Mag cast.

Fans of the series were unsure is that meant he was not returning for the upcoming season.

Van told fans that he was out just a few days before VH1 released the new cast:

Well, it looks as if that may be the case.

Reportedly, Van is not in the upcoming season. Neither will Lily Barrios, Junior Diaz, nor Bella.

Instead, VH1 may have secured a former “Basketball Wives” star to shake things up. It makes no sense why Draya will be on the show, but we guess she will be a friend or something because she is NOT a tattoo artist.

As for the returning cast members Black Ink Crew Chicago star Charmaine, who was fired by Ryan, and accused of cheating on Neek with Van will be dealing with getting married and her mom passing away. She will also make amends with Ryan, Don, and Phor.

During the offseason, Charmaine unfollowed Don, Van, and Phor on ALL social media.

The tea spill on Van Johnson not returning to the upcoming season of Black Ink Chicago comes from Blogger OMFG Reality-TV who confirmed his and other departures.

The controversy surrounding Lily and the N-word, it was no surprise she was one of the cast members not returning. Next, was Bella who doesn’t have a storyline without Lily and Junior who is also connected to Lily.

Junior and Adriana will NOT be on the new season of Black Ink Chicago:

What do you think about the Black Ink Chicago Cast Cuts?

There are 4 new cast members set to shake up the new season.

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