Black Ink Chicago Don + Ashley Marriage RUINED Over Snapchat Video

Black Ink Chicago Fans Blast Don + Ashley ‘Messy’ Marriage

Black Ink Chicago Don + Ashley Marriage RUINED Over Snapchat Video!

It seems the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers aren’t sure how to react to Don Brumfield‘s marital drama with Ashley. Read on to see why Don Brumfield Snapchat video has him in the dog house…


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A post shared by Joey (@omfgrealitytv) on reports that the drama began on Jan. 29 episode when fans witnessed the couple’s marital woes play out on camera.

Now Ashley Pickens is DONE with Don Brumfield.

Apparently the trust issues are still a major problem in their marriage and if you ask Ashley, she’s ready for divorce.

She suggested that she didn’t trust Brumfield at all in their marriage, which instantly caused him to snap.

Don yelled at Pickens:

You wanna talk about the past, but I’ve been making up for my past. I’m going to fall back and I’m going to show you how it feels like. … You ain’t never been there for me to do s–t.

Pickens told Brumfield that she “made him,” prompting him to reply.

He replied:

I made me. Now watch me keep making me without your ass.

It all started with Don’s Snapchat video that prompted Ashley to move out and take the kids. Brumfield arrived home to an empty house with no kids and wife.

To get her point across, Pickens had left her wedding ring and band on the bed alongside a note that read, “I want a divorce.”

Meanwhile, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers felt Brumfield and Pickens were both wrong in their marriage.

Black Ink Chicago Fans Blast Don and Ashley ‘Messy’ Marriage!

Check out some of the replies:

At this point they need to just divorce already. They both toxic af to each other ?????

Ashley you know damm will you ain’t going to leave him … he had a baby on you he cheated on you so many time his mess around so many time idk what more signs you needed.

They need to divorce don never wanted Ashley since season one ?. She stay pissing him off…

Don is a piece of sh-t I mean u made ur bed don now u gotta lay in it and wait til she trusts u again if that’s where u want to be.

During the couple’s time on the show, Brumfield has fathered a child outside of their relationship and cheated on Pickens multiple times. And to make things worse, he even slept with a stripper the day before their wedding.

Don was wrong and needs to act like a married man.

What do you think about Don Brumfield Snapchat video?

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