Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser’s Girlfriend Responds To Criticism

Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser’s Girlfriend Responds To Criticism

Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser’s Girlfriend Responds To Criticism!

Yes, Ceaser Emanuel has a new girlfriend while Black Ink Crew is on hold during the pandemic. Read on to see Black Ink Crew stars news girlfriend reports that the Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel’s new girlfriend apparently has some things she needs to get off her chest.

According to the post, Ceaser and Suzette, who is a real estate agent have been dating for 8 months now and still going strong.

This is good for Cease since he has two failed relationships that played out on reality TV. The first was with Dutchess Lattimore and the second was with Kitty, who now lives and stars on Black Ink Chicago.

Anyways, Cease revealed his current girlfriend. Of course, this comes months after Cease’s baby momma Crystal said that he actually has a girlfriend who isn’t on the show.

As we previously stated Cease is now dating a woman named Suzette, who describes her relationship to Ceaser as an a “power couple” via Instagram.

While many took to Cease’s Instagram post to congratulate him on his current relationship, others were critical.

One Instagram user even questioned what Suzette could see in Cease to make her want to be in a serious relationship with him.

Suzette spotted the comment, so she decided to respond to the haters.

She wrote:

We knew each other since 2017 I have my OWN bag stop hating! Keyword what I see in him!! why YOU so pressed … weird!

and when it comes to questions about Cease and Dutchess, Suzette had this to say:

No one was cool with no one! I was hired to be extra at O’Sh*t coming home party in 2014! The only time I met her and was around her! Mind the business that pays YOU!!

She is standing up for Ceaser.

Suzette posted these pics of herself and Cease:


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I had to do something special for u and it was difficult due to what’s going on in society right now but whew where do i start ??! Lol u can say i planned an eventful week celebrating YOU ?? From your surprise party at your grand opening to the jet ski’s and falling off the boat (scariest ish EVER) to your surprise helicopter ride (1st time ever) around Georgia landing us at a private zoo where we fed the tigers, bears and other animals with our family n loved ones i gota say this one is for the books ? ?? We had a great time and through it all you wore that SMILE ?? Happy Birthday BABYYY ! @ceaserblackink May God continue to cover you, bless you and guide you ! I wish u many more to come ?? thank u to everyone who helped me make this happen ??

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