Cease + Teddy MOCKS Alex + Donna Over Lawsuit

Cease + Teddy MOCKS Alex + Donna Over Lawsuit

After the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew” aired, Ceaser Emmanuel and Teddy Ruks took to social media to RIP Donna Marie Lombardi and Alex “the V slayer”.

If you recall, on the season finale of Black Ink Crew at Bae failed to wed, Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy attacked Alex. Teddy Ruks sucker punched Alex and Cease jumped him. He fell back on a table on his battery pack and injured his back. Read on to see the wack posts from Cease and Teddy…


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#Ceaser of #blackinkcrew mocks #donna and #alex for slapping him and #teddyruks with a lawsuit #celebnreality247 #celebnmusic247

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Black Ink Crew has become a mash of fights, drama, and messed up situations when it comes to Ceaser Emmanuel and his crew.

Ceaser Emmanuel is no Ryan Henry, and Teddy Ruks does NOT touch anyone on 9Mag crew. The Chitown series is becoming the standout show in the Black Ink franchise because of the nonsense in Harlem. Sky is too much, Teddy is too much, and Ceaser is becoming too entitled.

Not to mention, Black Ink Crew NY is filled with a bunch of squatters who do nothing, while Chicago has talented tattoo artists on the series.

Anyways, this season Alex has finally come to his senses thanks to Donna Marie Lombardi. He and his lady have filed a lawsuit against Cease and Teddy. Initially, Alex was against it, but he was convinced after meeting Donna’s lawyer.


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Thank you, Donna. After the episode aired, Teddy and Cease decided to take some jabs on Instagram, but Donna was NOT amused.

Though, many fans of “Black Ink Crew” were outraged that Cease and Teddy jumped Alex. The cousins did this after Cease got into a heated argument with Donna. Things got out of hand and Cease and Teddy were in the wrong, though they don’t get it. Teddy apologized, but we could tell it wasn’t heartfelt.

So, Alex is suing Ceaser and Teddy for assault.

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