Ceaser + Van Johnson Opening Up A New Tattoo Shop

Ceaser + Van Johnson Opening Up A New Tattoo Shop

Ceaser + Van Johnson Opening Up A New Tattoo Shop?

According to rumor reports, it appears ta Ceaser Emanuel and Van Johnson are teaming up to open their own shop. Read on for more details on Ceaser and Van Johnson new Tattoo Shop…

CelebnReality247.com has the latest on Van Johnson who attempted to make things right with Charmaine on Black Ink Chicago.

The only problem is that Charmaine still isn’t sure that they can move forward. And Van is still placing blame on Don, who he claims made everything up.

Despite what has happened on Black Ink Chicago, Van Johnson is pressing on with a new venture and it happens to be with Ryan Henry’s nemesis, Ceaser Emanuel.

Why Ryan and Ceaser Fell Out:

Ryan Henry and Ceaser Emanuel fell out after Sky leaked the news that Ryan Henry and Miss Kitty were secretly dating while she was in Chicago.

Well, the rumor played out to be true and Ceaser and Ryan ended their “friendship.” Recently, Ryan proved NOT to be a loyal friend to anyone but himself after news spilled that he was smashing his best friend baby mama while he was going through chemotherapy treatments. And Van made sure to say something about Ryan not being loyal.

Van Puts Whole ousting from 9Mag behind him.

In fact, Johnson spilled some tea of his own since Ryan started a new 9Mag and only brought Phor, Don, and Bella with him to the new shop. Charmaine moved on with her own tattoo shop, 2nd City Ink.

And now, Van is also opening a new shop, but it is with Ceaser of Black Ink. The new shop will be in Houston, according to Van.

Van posted a text message conversation of him being told he got a lease to commercial property. In the caption, he insinuated that he’s opening up a shop in Houston. And the shop may be a new Black Ink.

He writes:

I know I’ve been playing a lot in Houston but I’ve also been making major f-ckn MOVES BABYYYYYYY @doughboy_sauce @ceaserblackink LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #BlackinkHouston #BossMoves

Van adds:

The moves I’m making probably gonna hurt someone’s feelings, but I had to learn the hard way, there’s no feelings when it deals with business #FlyPerUsual Now let me start my weekend off the right way #SHININ

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