Cyn Santana: Joe Budden Has “Senior Citizen D*ck”

Cyn Santana: Joe Budden Has "Senior Citizen D*ck"

Love & Hip Hop New York is just one week away and now we are hearing that Joe Budden’s girlfriend and mother of his child, Cyn Santana is saying he has a “Senior Citizen D*ck”?

Hold up, Cyn Santana that is so disrespectful towards Joe Budden who is only 38-years-old. Read on… has the latest tea spilling on Joe Budden who has been done with rap for some time now.

According to Cyn Santana, it looks like he may be done with having sex as well. Joe reveals that he is NOT giving Cyn sex.

One thing leads to another and it ends with Santana stepping out on Joe because he won’t F–k her.

She screams out in Time Square that Joe Budden has a “Senior Citizen D*ck!”

Does this mean that the “Pump It Up” rapper may be having pump it up issues in the bedroom?

The Love & Hip Hop New York extended trailer sees Cyn Santana, his girlfriend and mother of his son Lexington asking Joe for sex numerous times in the car.

Joe bounces around the requests, finding an excuse each time.

At one point, Joe and Cyn are in a car driving through New York City. Cyn suggests that they should get a hotel for the for the night since they were already in the city, insinuating they should have sex.

Joe replies:

I just wanna go home.

Poor guy, maybe he was having a bad day?

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