Cynthia Bailey Admits the Truth About Kenya Moore Invite

Cynthia Bailey Reveals the Truth About Kenya Moore Invite

Real Housewives of the Atlanta reunion was heated when NeNe Leakes stepped next to the coi pond and the did or didn’t she know about Kenya Moore was coming to her Peach Bellini party.

Cynthia Bailey says that she invited Kenya Moore but she declined and was NOT coming. Well, that all changed when the cameras were rolling, and NeNe Leakes has felt betrayed since. Get the tea on what Cynthia is saying now… reports that Cynthia Bailey says that she feels like she has been there for NeNe Leakes through thick and thin, but the friendship has worn its welcome.

During Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion 11 Pt 1, Cynthia Bailey stated if NeNe Leakes wants to end the friendship over some pettiness, then so be it.

Well, it appears that is what has happened and now NeNe is doing her best to sabotage Cynthia getting another season.

It has already been rumored that Cynthia was fired and Eva was demoted, but there has yet to be a confirmation.

As for Kenya Moore, the rumors swirled that she didn’t get the monies she requested from Bravo. It was also rumored that she came to an agreement with the network and was granted an appearance on the final episode.

NeNe Leakes complaint is FACTUAL and yes, a bit petty, but she states, it’s her show, she created it with Andy. The show centers around her and that Kenya came on in season 5 starting mess with Apollo Nida. She also makes it a point saying that was five years after she starred on the series, so she should basically kno her place.

NeNe was offended how Kenya just came and took over to get her 15 minutes at Cynthia Bailey’s event when she is the best friend who has all the years of history.

Yes, NeNe is in her feelings about being betrayed by Cynthia. As for Cynthia Bailey, she admits that she invited Kenya Moore, but she said she wasn’t coming. When she did appear at the party she was shocked, but if you watch the last episode you can hear Cynthia tell Mike, “I have to pretend that I don’t know Kenya is coming.”

That is what NeNe saw and she feels like she was betrayed and lied to. We get it.

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