Did Anaís Martínez Have Mental Breakdown or What

Did Anaís Martínez Have Mental Breakdown or What

Love and Hip Hop star and Dominican singer Anaís Martínez look to have suffered a mental breakdown last week after she was spotted ranting about Beyonce, the FBI, Illuminati and more.

Continue on because the videos of Anais Martinez are literally crazy…

CelebNReality247.com Anais has suffered from mental health issues for years, but it seems things really started spiraling out of control.

The worst part is that Anais Martinez, 35, probably best known for her 2 seasons (8 and 9) run on the VH1 hit series Love & Hip Hop NY. If you watched Love and Hip Hop then you would know that she is a bit loud, crazy and wild. But if you have been on her Instagram, then you know this is way too much crazy.

See things started when she started ranting about having a criminal justice lawyer. Then, she came back around on her Instagram live ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce. (above)

Worried fans have been reacting on each post telling Anais “You need help!!!”

Another said, “Omggggg someone take her damn phone pleaseeseess…” and then this one said, “She is self destructing right before everyone’s eyes, pray for her. Between hollywood and her husband something ain’t right…”

One person gave an explanation of speaking on the matter, which could possibly be the truth why she is acting up. They said:

No one gets it…she’s trying not to get of outline on her Love and hip hop contract and no one is reading her messages between the line’s….she’s talking about Mona Scott-Young, and her lawyer Navarro’s girlfriend Ashley Navarro and Ashley’s sister! The sisters attacked Anais and this is her backlashing about everything but not trying to lose her contract at the same time!

We will see if that is the truth or not…

Take a look at Anais antics and you decide, was this all an act to like the person above says, or did she have a breakdown?

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