Jackie Christie Claims Assault By Malaysia Pargo’s Relative

Jackie Christie Claims Assault By Malaysia Pargo’s Relative

“Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo have fallen out over rumors? Was that the tea?

Jackie Christie was back to he messy old ways speaking with to a group of girls, (Kristen and Evelyn) telling them that she was told Jennifer Williams and her side kick were spreading horrible lies around Atlanta about Malaysia. Now, thing have escalated to an all time war. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest tea spilling from the Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo feud.

Last week, Malaysia Pargo confronted Jennifer Williams and Dominique at the skating party over comments about her kids, but Jennifer quickly puts the gossip on Jackie Christie.

Then Jackie shows up, and all hell breaks loose. The reason for that is that Jackie wasn’t being straight up with Malaysia who was already feeling some type of way about the whole thing.

One thing lead to another, words and name calling followed and then Jackie throws a chair at Malaysia. Yes, Jackie, the woman who critized Malaysia throwing a table at Jennifer.

OMG, this is just too much y’all!

According to Jackie, Malaysia’s relatives tried to jump her. And one of Malaysia’s aunts actually hit her in the head. She confirmed all of this to OG and CeCe Gutierrez.

Anyways, here’s what Jackie had to say:

She had at least eight or ten of her cousins and friends waiting for me. So, I was like entrée. At this time, my adrenaline’s flowing. Now it’s like, ‘Okay. We about to fight.’ They’re dragging me to to the door to leave. This girl comes up and hits me on the side of the head. This older lady, I don’t know who the f*ck she was. This older lady…it was one of her aunts. She might have had a purse. I don’t know.

Check out Jackie below:

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