Jaquae Answers if He’s Bi-Sexual + Talks About Jaquae Lottery

Jaquae Answers if He's Bi-Sexual + Talks About Jaquae Lottery

Love & Hip Hop NY star Jaquae is doing a lottery, giving his own money away, but you have to pay to win.

The New York-based rapper/reality star Jaquae is giving away $5,000 cash to multiple winners available at Jaquae at King of Cash App. He took to Instagram Live today to shut down the haters. Read on…

Jaquae Answers if He's Bi-Sexual + Talks About Jaquae LotteryCelebNReality247.com reports that Jaquae says that he is signing off Instagram for a while so he can do him for himself.

Jaquae plans to get himself some grills and an AP on his wrist because he says he’s “styling himself.”

LHHNY’s Jaquae says the next one is NOT going to be a cash giveaway next time. Instead, it’s going to be cashed out like a grill, a chain, or a ring.

Everything sidetracked when a fan threw a left asking him about his sexuality durning Saturday’s Instagram Live session.

At first he paused then laughed, and then hinted.

We previously told you about the RUMOR that he was gay (alegedly). The news came after Jaquae ex-girlfriend Kiyanne said he liked d–k as much as she did.

When asked about his sexuality by one of his followers, while is sipping on his drink, they asked: “are you bi-sexual”?

He laughed and said:

Am I bi?

Jaquae responded saying:

Am I bi? What you think? What are my vibes, you should already know my vibe? (laughing)

He laughed some more, not answering the question asked, but if you read between the lines, he told you.

The Let’s Grow/S.M.X. Entertainment artist goes on to say:

I like that box…yeah…I like to go in and out that box.

We’ve been around plenty of bruthas like Jaquae and straight up, that answer reveals that its a “yes” for the right dude. But the only way to know is first hand, so we are NOT saying he is. You have to ask him.

The “About Every Dollar” rapper says that people are hating on him for having one winner. He tells people NOT to be SALTY and if you are, then F-CK YOU! He don’t care.

Here is how to win Jaquae’s NEXT cash GIVEAWAY:

The “Come On” rapper tells everyone if you download his new song on Spotify, he is picking 10 people and he will be giving them cash.

We don’t know what it is about Jaquae, but his swag is on point, he sounds like he is FIRE in the bedroom and he his eggplant is everything!

Here are the Lottery details and how you had to enter the “Jaquae King of CashApp” which he posted for fans to enter and win:

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