Joey Gorga: “Remember We Are All On Borrowed Time”

Joey Gorga: "Remember We Are All On Borrowed Time"

Joey Gorga: “Remember We Are All On Borrowed Time!”

Joey Gorga writes a beautiful open letter of reflection on the “most important things your grateful for.”  Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s brother Joe Gorga is taking a moment on what he is “grateful” for. Read on… reports that on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa Gorga revealed that she and Joey are looking to have another baby.

Of course, the news came as a shock to the ladies while they were in Jamacia for Jennifer Aydin birthday.

The trip seems to have started ok, except Margret is feeling some type of way since she was put up in the Presidential suite with Jackie Goldschneider.

Margret doesn’t let it go and makes plenty of underage jabs at Teresa since rumors are circulating that she is dating a young man while her husband Joe is locked in ICE (Joe is currently in Italy now, and Teresa and she are seeing where it will lead).

While on the trip, Melissa reveals to the group that she and Joe are planning on having another baby since her biological clock is ticking.

Margret makes a jab saying that she is only doing so because she is having a mid-life crisis and is trying to rekindle her youth by having a baby. #Bittermuch

Jennifer has dinner and of course, it isn’t 100% without drama. Jackie and Dolores Catania have a bit of a word to say to each other after Jennifer reveals to Jackie that Dolores doesn’t consider her a friend.

Jackie loses it and gets all in her emotions. That’s when Teresa chims in telling her she is a bully because she is going through the most difficult time in her life.

Thankfully, Joe Gorga decided to take to Instagram to speak on the things we should all be grateful for.

Joey writes:

Here you must reflect on the most important things you’re grateful for; Well for the most part that your in my life!!!! I’m soooo greatly and appreciated of!! This message is very deep and I don’t send messages as such just anyone??… Please take this time to reflect on the little things that life has to offer! Remember we are all here on borrowed time… Just very grateful that your apart of my life and I wanted you to know you are a blessing to me..???? Enjoy your families… One love…

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