Jonathan Fernandez Reads Kendall Kyndall For Filth

Jonathan Fernandez Reads Kendall Kyndall For Filth

Love & Hip Hop New York star Jonathan Fernandez took to Instagram Live to READ super fan Kendall Kyndall For Filth!

Continue on to see what and why Jonathan Fernandez has had it with super fan Kendall Kyndall…

According to Johnathan Fernandez is sick of gay boys of color namely the “queen” of Kendall Kyndall who is riding on the backs of the cast of Love & Hip Hop.

Johnathan has NOTHING nice to say about Kendall because he only has a following because of Love & Hip Hop and his commentary on Instagram. The Beauty & Lifestyle Expert says he is not affraid of his truth, he admits he’s a gay man and that he “sucks dick.”

Apparently, there is more to this story and when we get the tea we will be spilling it to you.

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