Junior Diaz Returning to Black Ink Crew Chicago

Junior Diaz Returning to Black Ink Crew Chicago

Last season of Black Ink Crew Chicago was EXPLOSIVE when it comes to Junior Diaz and Lily Barrios!

Junior Diaz and Lily Barrios have extreme Latino tempers, but this last season of Black Ink Crew Chicago things got way out of control. Read on…

Junior Diaz Returning to Black Ink Crew ChicagoCelebNReality247.com reports that Junior Diaz will be returning to Black Ink Crew Chicago after it was cleared up that he did NOT hit Lily or Reese.

See, Junior Diaz moved on when things went south with Lily, but she seems to have a problem. She can’t handle the fact that he is with another woman and she treated him like dirt and cheated on him.

Junior and Lily’s relationship was toxic, so he bailed. Junior moved on and found love with Adriana, but Lily Barrios has NEVER let go.

She has continued to stalk the couple and troll them on social media. Lily claims the couple has shaded her on social media.

Things came to a head when the crew when to Jamacia this past season and Lily and Reese just could help from causing major drama. Things escalated and Junior, Lily, Reece, and Adriana got into a fight.

Things got worse when Reece accused Junior of attacking her. She blew things out of proportion and started saying that Junior punched her. After Junior clashed with security, Reese was accidentally brushed up against by Ryan. But Reese was convinced that Junior punched her in the face multiple times.

Many fans of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” were upset when Reese told everyone that Junior assaulted her.

Later, producers proved that Reece was lying about it all. Adriana said that she was the one who hit her. Junior was nowhere near her when the hit happened, but that didn’t stop reports that he was FIRED from the series.

When producers tried to show Reese the footage, she refused to watch.

What really happened was this:

It turns out, no one hit Reese in the face. Ryan accidentally bumped into Reese while security tried to restrain Adriana and Lily.

Great news Black Ink Crew Chicago fans, Rumor has it, Junior is in talks to return to the show for the upcoming season.

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