Khloe Kardashian Thanks Kim Kardashian for Smashing Ray J

Khloe Kardashian Thanks Kim Kardashian for Smashing Ray J

We have to say one thing about Keeping Up With The Kardashians they know how to make something out of nothing.

Recently, one of the trailers showed Khloe Kardashian accepting an MTV Popcorn Award from her mom Kris Kardashian. The funny thing is what Khloe had to say about her sister Kim… has this hilarious clip of Khloe Kardashian accepting an award from her mom in the kitchen, mind you Kim is a few feet away when she happily disses thanked her sister.

Khloe Kardashian had this to say during one of the Devil episodes on KUWTK after Kris asked if she had anything to say.

She said:

This is all so much pressure! I would like to thank my lord and savior, and Kimberly, for f*cking on camera.

Right there, at least Khloe admits why the family is famous because if Kim Kardashian NEVER slept with Ray J on camera there would be no Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

It’s funny how Kris Kardashian and Kim Kardashian continue to deny it.

But a lot of good has come from the slut trash moment. If you recall, Kanye West admitting to beating the monkey at night to Kim in the video and swore he’d marry her.

Now years later, Kim is Mrs. Kanye West and they have three children together. The Kardashian’s are millionaires and Kylie Jenner, the youngest has parlayed a beauty empire making her a billionaire.

And it’s all thanks to Kim “f*cking” Ray J “on camera” back in 2003. Now, 16 years later the Kardashian sisters have had their share of NBA, MLB, NFL, and rap stars.

Kim is married to Kanye, Khloe has a baby by Tristan Thompson, Kylie has a baby with Travis Scott, Kendall Jenner is with Ben Simmons, and Kourtney…well it’s all good.

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