Kristen Proves CeCe Called OG “Ugly” Looking “Hoe”

Kristen Proves CeCe Called OG An "Ugly" Looking "Man"

For the past two weeks OG has been called CeCe’s puppet, but she refused to believe Kristin Scott.

Well, last night on Basketball Wives OG learned the truth about Cece Gutierrez and her manipulative ways driving a wedge between Byron Scott and his children and grandchildren. He is blind to the truth, but last night CeCe was caught red-handed and she is still denying the truth. Read on to get more how CeCe Called OG “Ugly” Looking “Hoe”… reports that Basketball Wives Kristin Scott has proved that she has receipts that Cece Gutierrez did indeed call OG “ugly” via text.

Bottom line, CeCe Called OG “Ugly” Looking “Hoe” and she can’t deny that!

When called out Cece Gutierrez denied the truth and ended up walking out because she was “over it!”

OG finally learned that Cece is NOT so innocent, but she is the only person on Basketball Wives who NEVER admitst her wrongs. She NEVER owns anything she does, and the sad part is she is NEVER truthful around Byron. She manipulates everyone to get her way.

Now she is Byron Scott’s soon to be wife, but the problem is Cece Gutierrez but he’s blinded by the P.

As for OG, she has learned the truth about CeCe, who she felt was her best friend, so she has been stepping out to defend her until Kristen’s receipts.

But it turns out that CeCe wasn’t as good of a friend as she appeared to be. Just a few months earlier, CeCe texted her THEN friend Kristin – and said the disparaging remarks about OG.

Kristin played it smart and saved the text messages and provided them to show as receipts!

During Feby’s showcase, Jennifer decided to get things going by spilling the tea to OG forcing Kristen to show her the texts from CeCe. Once OG reads the texts she confronts CeCe but she ends up walking out.

After the episode aired, CeCe continued to deny the text. According to one of CeCe’s friends, CeCe made those disparaging comments about OG BEFORE they were friends. She explained:

Those comments were from before CeCe and OG became friends. Kristin was just trying to be messy but it won’t work.

That didn’t stop OG from telling CeCe that she is stretching:

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