Why LHH Miami Star Chinese Kitty Got Evicted?

Why LHH Miami Star Chinese Kitty Got Evicted?

You may recall, Love & Hip Hop Miami star Chinese Kitty during season 1, but wait until you see why she got evicted.

Talk about some crazy @ss rules, but this one right here is crazy dumb and should be illegal!

Read on to find out why Chinese Kitty  got evicted…

Why LHH Miami Star Chinese Kitty Got Evicted?CelebNReality247.com has the latest on drama Chinese Kitty who got evicted for enjoying the summer sun in Miami.

In some parts of the USA summer 2018 has been hot AF, so can you blame Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Chinese Kitty for wanting to take a dip in her apartment pool to try and cool off?

Kitty explained:

I “Came home to a f**kin letter on my door threatening to evict me for ‘inappropriate bathing suit,’ ‘disturbing the peace,’ ‘violating lease terms’ GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSH-T.”

Kitty goes on to say that the notice is a result of people wanting to police what women wear and when they wear it.

Hello, its 2018, NOT 1950!

Anyways, Kitty adds:

N***a only in America would they be so f**kin worried about how and what a female can and can’t wear to an F**KING POOL but not worried about these sick ass people shooting up places, Police killing us, border control on kids, etc and s**t. I’m not hearing it. ??????????????? I work to hard for my sh-t. You move into these ‘nice places’ for them to look at you like filth. It’s just pure discrimination. FOH! Been to the pool once been living here for three months.

We think this is some BuuuuuuullS**t!

If you live in the state of Florida you need to know your renters rights, or you’ll get screwed. CLICK HERE for help on making the first step to know your renters rights…

Check out thi video of Kitty at the beach:


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