Lindsay Lohan’s Defunct App Still Charging Customers

Lindsay Lohan’s Defunct App Still Charging Customers

Damn Lindsay make it stop already! We previously reported that Lindsay Lohan’s reality TV series on MTV “Lohan Beach Club” was an utter bust with viewers so it got cancelled.

Then reports surfaced that the location where “Lohan Beach Club” resided in Mykonos Greece was closed down, and now Lindsay Lohan’s Defunct App Still Charging Customers. WTF??? Read on… reports that the Lindsay Lohan App has been charging people since they signed up for it and it will NOT STOP charging users $2.99 a month.

It’s times like these we are glad we NEVER signed up for Lindsay Lohan‘s “premium” app.

Anways, here’s the tea spill:

Page Six revealed that Lindsay Lohan‘s “premium” app has been charging users $2.99 a month, despite the fact that it’s been dead for years — we’ve now discovered that the app is still taking the monthly fee from its customers (or, more likely, customer).

Lindsay launched the “lifestyle” app in 2017, but quit using it after about three months, realizing that fans had a decidedly satiable appetite for the service.

Well Page Six also revealed that they paid $62.79 for unfettered access to LiLo’s dust-covered feed. Make that $65.78.

They also revealed that the site got our their bank statement and that the app was still charging them $2.99, two years after she stopped posting on it.

We are at a loss of words… #SMH

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