Mob Wives Star Big Ang’s Last Words

Big Ang

All of here at CelebNMusic247 and will miss Big Ang, she was a friend and Family in our head, she was an amazing lady and we have Big Ang’s Last Words!!!

During her final days, we learned that Big Ang did not have any cameras rolling, but we heard from an inside source that Angela Raiola was tired and ready on the flip…

Big Ang

Here are Big Ang’s Last Words!

During her final days, which came quickly after it was revealed that Big Ang Raiola was not only dealing with lung and brain cancer, she was also ill with pneumonia!

According to reports, Big Ang Last Words were:

“Take Me Home” learned via Radar Online that Big Ang wanted nothing more than to go home in the final hours leading up to her passing.

Raiola’s sister Janine Detore told Radar:

“The last time she spoke was yesterday…She just said she wanted to go home. It was very hard.”

Detore revealed that “[Ang] came down pneumonia last week,” and had to be rushed to the hospital initially.

She said:

“She went to the hospital last week for it, but she got better and came home on Friday.”


Big Ang’s pneumonia unfortunately came back just days after she was released from the hospital, spending the next several days with her family at her bedside before she passed. Angela Raiola was only 55.

Detore continued:

“They told me I had to come.”

“I never thought I was going to walk into this, and that’s what I walked into.”

“Her pneumonia was her death, and the cancer was so aggressive.” previously reported Big Ang passed away in the early Thursday morning hours shortly after 3 A.M.

Big Ang Last Words were “Take Me Home”

Then on Friday February 18, Neil posted this touching tweet:

Big Ang