Nene Leakes Contract Negotiations: Bravo Bows Down

Nene Leakes Contract

Casting for Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 are well underway, and Bravo Willing To Do Whatever Nene’s Leakes Wants!?!

Flip and get all the details on Nene Leakes contract negotiations…

Nene Leakes Contract has just got word that Nene Leakes contract negotiations “are always the most tense,” but this year Bravo will bow down to Leakes!

Nene Leakes definitely boosted ratings when she came back to Real Housewives season 9 for the last third of filming. It appears that the network is willing to do just about anything to get her back on the show full time

Sources close to Nene revealed that:

“NeNe has a lot of production deals in the works.”

Nene just launched an app all of her own. She’s definitely doing big things! However, the source added:

“And that is what she wants to do, more than just be a housewife BUT she knows where her money comes from and it comes from Bravo.”

Nene knows she has Bravo right where she wants them. She was previously earning a whopping $2 million per season, but she wants more, like backend money.

“NeNe is not dumb. She does exactly what needs to be done on RHOA,” the insider explained.

If you wonder exactly what makes her the most sought after housewife by the network?

NeNe “is not afraid to fight with anyone and her take on every story is what the fans want. No one cares about the random ladies on the show. NeNe is the one they tune in to watch. So she will be back, earning the big bucks and laughing all the way to the bank,” the source predicted!

NeNe makes Real Housewives of Atlanta, so having her back on season 9 would be perfection. Part of becoming “very rich b*tch” is knowing how to play the game and Nene is definitely making Bravo work for it!

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