Omarion Is NOT Playing With Apryl Jones…Lawsuit

Omarion Is NOT Playing With Apryl Jones...Lawsuit

Omarion is NOT Playing with Apryl Jones – she must keep Lil Fizz away from his KIDS…End of Story!

Well, that’s if you ask Omarion, but get all the tea on the flip… reports that Omarion has taken Apryl Jones to court after she decided to start smashing B2K member and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lil Fizz.

R&B singer Omarion‘s beef with his former friend/bandmate Lil Fizz is ratcheting up. According to Love & Hip Hop star Monieice Slaughter, Omarion has BANNED Fizz from being around his two children.

Omarion and Apryl Jones have two children together, A’mei Kazuko and Megaa – and the two are having a custody battle over the children. Omarion and Apryl separated 2 years ago, and afterward, Apryl started dating Omarion’s former friend and B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

Moniece – who also has a child with Lil Fizz – is spilling the tea on their relationship.

Slaughter who quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood after the season ended told a blog:

[Apryl] is in and out of court with Omari…

Moniece continued.

And one of his stipulations is that Dreux [Lil Fizz] can’t be around his kids.

Two weeks ago, it was being said that Fizz and Apryl split up, NOT TRUE, according to Moniece, Fizz ex baby mama. She is claiming that the alleged split was all FAKE, and done so that Apyrl could regain custody of her children.

Moneice is also saying that Apryl and Fizz are still together.

On top of that, she is allowing Fizz near her children, purportedly in violation of the court order.

She went on to tell the blog:

[Apryl & Fizz] unfollowed each other to get the public off their asses. But they still going strong. [Moneice’s son] Kam Facetimed him for bed two Mondays ago, and she was in the background. He made sure to put her in the frame.

Mo added:

[Fizz] threw a party. It wasn’t at his house. Apryl Jones and her children were in attendance, along with my abusive sociopathic biological father, Michael Slaughter.

This is getting ugly.


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