Princess Love Picked The Wrong Fight, Mrs Norwood Don’t Play

Princess Love Picked The Wrong Fight, Mrs Norwood Don't Play

Princess Love is now Mrs. Princess Love Norwood, but with the last name, comes the responsibility to keep all of Ray J’s antics on the hush unless the family decides they want to leak something.

Apparently, Princess is NOT listening to the Norwood rules and refuses to stand for any more disrespect from Ray J.

On the first episode of Love Hip Hop Hollywood 5, we catch up with Princess Love telling her girls that she has moved out of the house and has blasted Ray J all over social media. Continue on… has the latest update with the latest family feud between Princess Love vs Brandy and Mrs. Norwood.

One thing we know, is you don’t mess with Mrs. Norwood, she keeps her family on lock. As for, Princess, Ray’s mom is cool if she “NEVER” has to speak to her again!

Ray J’s mom calls Princess Love’s BLAST on social media “character assassination” and if that is how she is going to be then Ray doesn’t need a “wife”!


Let’s not forget Princess Love was like every other girl, Ray J has dated over the years, the only difference is she stole his heart when she put her foot down and refused to stand for his BS.

Has that changed him? No, not really, he is still not 100 with her and that is the problem. Not to mention, he has cheated on her in the past, so its evident that the married couple has some major trust issues.

Princess Love, who has been feuding with Ray J’s family since they got together. Beef with Brandy? Check. Beef with Sonia, the mother?

Princess Love Picked The Wrong Fight, Mrs Norwood Don't PlayBack in January, it was alleged that Ray J was caught cheating.

Hot97Boston reported:

Ray J may be in some hot water with his wife Princess…over an IG video HE posted. It was alleged that Ray’s promo video showed a woman in his shower. We’ve seen it several time and NOPE there is no woman in the shower.

But hey, you be the judge. Since the video. Princess has posted several cryptic messages including:

If you’re going to stay with a man, do it because that’s what you truly want. Never stay because of children.. When they grow up, then what.

The LHHH5 Couple had their bundle of joy last week, but it appears that it hasn’t stopped the family feud.

Check your girl Ray!

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