Rasheeda + Jasmine Washington Work Out Co-Parenting Issues

Rasheeda + Jasmine Washington Work Out Co-Parenting Issues

Rasheeda finally meets up with Kirk Frost baby mama Jasmine Frost to discuss the proper chain of command as she tries to figure things out on what is best for Kannon.

This season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rasheeda has proved to be a strong black woman holding her family together as she continues to pick up the pieces from her husband Kirk’s infidelity. Last year, Kirk Frost learned that he was the father to baby Kannon after cheating on his wife once again.

Rasheeda forgave Kirk, but she is still working on her trust issues because he has given her great reason to look at him sideways. Read on to see how Rasheeda and Jasmine Washington finally worked things out…

CelebNreality247.com reports on Rasheeda and Jasmine Washington who finally met up face to face to discuss the best way of communication to co-parent baby Kannon.
Rasheeda breaks it down for Jasmine Washington who wanted this type of advice from Kirk’s wife all along.

We understand that, but that was a lot for to ask of Rasheeda because she first had to get past the cheating and feeling of betrayal. Now that some time has passed both ladies can take the next steps in co-parenting.

Rasheeda just makes it a point for Jasmine Washington to call her daughter as she will be the point of contact until she and Kirk Frost discuss things.
That is when Jasmine tells her that Kirk made her out to look like the villain.

Rasheeda’s eyebrow raises and has a look of “oh really” all over her face.

Let’s not forget that Rasheed and Kirk didn’t get to this point until she caught him receiving multiple texts from his jump off/baby mama.

After Rasheeda finds out about the texts she confronts Kirk:

He says that he only gave out his number because his daughter was tired of being he go between for Jasmine and her dad.

Watch how it all went down as Rasheeda invites Jasmine to Frost Bistro & Bar to hash out their differences and put the drama to bed.

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