Sky To Cease: Miss Kitty Is SUING Your @ss

Sky To Cease: Miss Kitty Is SUING Your @ss

Black Ink Crew’ Brand Ambassador Miss Kitty Threatens Legal Action Against Ceaser After He Fires Her!

Sky Day makes it CLEAR that Miss Kitty is SUING Ceaser Emanuel because he had sex with her and then fired her when he learned she possibly slept with Ryan Henry.

Ceaser and Miss Kitty have been close, but they are NOT together, but he is only FIRING her because he is emotionally attached. Read on to see how Sky tries to tell Cease, Miss Kitty SUING him… that during last weeks episode, “Black Ink” owner Ceaser Emanuel took issue with Kitty allegedly sleeping with his associate Ryan Henry of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.”

The RUMOR about Black Ink Crew‘s Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry came from human resource head Sky Days. And now the seed she planted has blown up in everyone’s face.

See, Kitty and Cease’s relationship has been off and on for years and were still sexually involved at the time of the rumor, according to her co-star Donna Lombardi. Their involvement with each other might explain why Emanuel was extremely in his feelings after Days started the rumor about Kitty and Henry.

Well, things took a wrong turn when the “Black Ink” gang traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, to support one team member’s comedy show. When Ceaser and Teddy Ruks showed up, they requested that Kitty and Tatti need to get out and get a hotel room.

It was obvious that Emanuel was heartbroken Kitty alleged had a sexual affair with Henry. The tattoo artist’s decision clearly didn’t sit well with Kit, and it caused a huge blowup between the two.

Things escalated and Kitty got in Ceaser’s face yelling:

You ain’t got no f–king sense. Get out my face, you don’t put your hands on me! You buggin’ the f–k out.

Security escorted Kit away from Emanuel, but tension between the pair was still at an all-time high.

After things cooled down, Emanuel talked to his brand ambassador and claimed there was no way they’d be able to work together again.

Ceaser admitted to Kit:

I think it’s best we go our separate ways. I can’t reconcile the fact that Kit slept with Ryan and she can’t be honest with me. Everybody knows about it. … I’m feeling embarrassed She got me looking stupid out in these streets.

Kit said ok, and then called out Cease’s termination against her “illegal” and threatened to take legal action.

She made it a point to say:

I’m going to call my lawyer in the morning.

Well, Black Ink Crew” viewers agreed with Kitty’s actions and slammed Emanuel for terminating her “for no reason.”

Here is what they’re saying:

Wrongful termination girl, get that check! Ceasar loves lawsuits. You cant fire a woman for what she does wit her poopoo. Kitty didn’t deserve that ?? !

Sue him love, because this is not a motive to be fired. Take every penny he have Kit! He straight up disrespected her!

1. You can’t fire her for who she sleep with 2. Look at Ryan Henry. Of course she smashed 3. Caesar just jealous. Lol she said she’s gonna call her lawyer in the morning ?? clean him out kitty

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