Tatti Head Over Heels For New Man Jemz

Tatti Head Over Heels For New Man Jemz

Finally, Tatted Tatti is happier since she has moved on from Teddy Ruks who just beds all the newbie females in the shop.

Ladies, if you’re smart, you will skip over Teddy so you don’t have to go through the drama Tatti had to.

Anyways, last night, it was revealed on Black Ink Crew New York that Tatiana has a new man, and yes, he works within the Black Ink brand. Read on for more on Tatti New Man Jemz…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Tatti is dating Jemz, one of the tattoo artists over at 125th.

Tatti and Jemz have been keeping their relationship on the low because she doesn’t want anyone from Black Ink to ruin her good thing.

On Wednesday nights episode Tatiana was all smiles and Bae keyed in on her glow. She knew that Tatted Tatti must be getting her kitty kat smashed regularly and she was 100.

Tatted Tatti admitted that she is dating a new guy, and she can’t get enough of him. Not only that, she says he has the biggest dick she has ever seen. Tatti says it is HUGE and she is loving every inch of him.

As for Jemz, the man behind the painting of Ceaser in the shop, he is way into Tatti as well and the two are happily dating. The reality TV couple hit a road bump last night when she asked him that she wanted to keep their relationship on the low.


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He was hurt by what she said, so during the Black Ink Brooklyn grand opening party, he was a no-show. Bae later told her she was dumb and needed to apologize.

Tatti apologized and won her man Jemz back.

Who is TattooJemz?

He is a daddy to his son Jordan, and he has an ex-baby mama who he was trying to make work. It appears it didn’t so he’s moved on and he and Tatti are currently dating.

We hope it all works out for these two, they’re cute together. Tatiana needs a man in her life like Jemz, not a boy like Teddy.

What do you think of Tatti’s new man Jemz, hot right?

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