Teairra Mari: Struggles, Storylines & Sextape Leak

Teairra Mari: Struggles, Storylines & Sextape Leak

Teairra Mari weighs in on her journey on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood series, Akbar and the “revenge porn” lawsuit.

Over the years Teairra Mari speaks of going through it with Ray J in season 1. Then, it was an emotional ride.

In season two she was struggling with weight, season 3 she was in a court battle over an Uber assault and season four she was struggling with addiction and rehab. Season 5 is all new beast when it comes to Akbar Abdul-Ahad who allegedly leaked a sextape. Tea Tea has come under fire, but the lawsuit is still ongoing and Akbar recently no-showed in court.

Teairra Mari may have lost her lawsuit against 50 Cent, but whats up with her prison to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood boyfriend Akbar? Read on for the latest tea…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari who puts her life out there for all to see.

The former “Make Her Feel Good” (produced by Sean Garrett) singer who originally was signed by Jay Z to Def Jam in 2004 was on top of the world for a hot minute. Now, 14 years later Teairra Marí is one of the main cast members of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

If you’ve wondered what happened to Tea Tea? Well, she let life, relationships, and addiction cloud her path to stardom. She has been working on a comeback for 5 seasons, but each year, viewers get to see why her music is at a standstill and her life is in the way.

All of LHH Hollywood has focused on Teairra and her new man Akbar. Unfortunately, it appears that Akbar has taken advantage of Tea Tea. He is already married and had a girlfriend on the side, but the former prisoner turned reality star sees things otherwise. He likes to invest in women.

The only problem is Teairra Mari was unaware of his wife and girlfriend Alejandra.  Two members of the Scooby Doo crew Daphne (Nikki) and Thelma (Paris) did some investigating to find the dirt and they did.

Once Akbar and his two concubines have confronted it turned into a hair pulling event. Paris realizes that their pop up may be the reason for the sex tape leak.

To make matters worse, during Teairra Mari’s press conference, Alejandra storms out revealing that she was the one who leaked the tape NOT Akbar.

Teairra admits she may be struggling through her drama, but she’s learning the lessons she needs to learn.

Watch Teairra Mari after her press conference talking to one of her lawyers about her decision to sue Akbar for leaking their sex tape:

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