Tommie Lee Denied Court Mental Health Program

Tommie Lee Denied Court Mental Health Program

Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee past is coming back to bite her!

Read on to see why prosecutors will NOT allow Tommie Lee to attend the mental health program she so desperately needs to get back together…

Tommie Lee Denied Court Mental Health got word that prosecutors say Tommie Lee lengthy rap sheet means she’s ineligible to enter a mental health program.

See the mental health program would have spared Tommie Lee from time behind bars, but it looks like she will be back in a cell.

The ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star submitted a petition in her child abuse case to allow her to get treatment for a serious mental illness.

Tommie claimed she was diagnosed with around the same time she was charged with child abuse in Georgia.

But prosecutors gave her the answer she wasn’t wanting to hear, “no can do.”

TMZ reports:

The Assistant District Attorney determined Lee’s criminal history and background — along with other evidence, facts and allegations — “make her an inappropriate candidate for an accountability court,” according to legal doc obtained by TMZ.

She’s facing 7 charges, and since she’s been shut down for the mental health program. Not only that, Tommie is still facing up to 54 years in prison, if convicted.

Bottom line is she really F’d up and it appears she has no way out of this mess. Drinking didn’t solve a damn thing for Tommie and now she may have to call prison home if things continue NOT to go her way.


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