Vinny Guadagnino Ex-Girlfriend Slams Jersey Shore

Vinny Guadagnino Ex-Girlfriend Slams Jersey Shore

Before the cameras were down and producers call Jersey Shore a wrap, Elicea Shyann, Vinny Guadagnino now ex went off on the showrunners.

Shyann said, “Here’s some free promotion for the trash everyone loves to watch!” Read on to e what caused the couple to call it quits…

Vinny Guadagnino Ex-Girlfriend Slams Jersey has the latest on Vinny Guadagnino ex-girlfriend is fuming over “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.”

In a series of since-deleted Instagram posts, model Elicea Shyann went off on her ex Vinny Guadagnino and the producers of the popular MTV reality show for their portrayal of her.

She captioned a clip of Thursday’s episode.

Here’s some free promotion for the trash everyone loves to watch. I’m a real f**king person who wakes up DAILY to more and more bullshit and heartache. Enjoy the f**king show that is my f**king life. People wonder how people end up in the darkest places. Here’s your answer.

It didn’t stop there, Elicea posted a series of photos from the course of her relationship with Vinny, writing:

Humiliation, disrespect, zero empathy lol it’s truly AMAZING. Everyone lives for the drama, watching good things go to sh*t.

During the episode in question, Vinny went to a club, drank a whole bottle of liquor and found himself a girl with what he described “a big, fat booty.” It got worse because scored not one but two chicks’ numbers that night.

How Vinny Guadagnino Tried to Fix Things wth Elicea:

Vinny felt guilty, so he called his now ex GF to be honest, but Elicea wasn’t hearing it, and FIRED BACK saying:

If I got a guy’s number, would you f**king like it? With your girlfriend at home, getting a bitch’s number out doesn’t look good for you.

A drunk Vinny decided to be petty and CLAPPED BACK:

It wasn’t one. It was two!

Yeah that was all it took to call it quits!

Take a look

In April Vinny Guadagnino revealed why his relationship suffered the fate of reality TV killing his relationship.

Check what he said to Entertainment Tonight on the carpet at the premiere event:

Before the show even played out Vinny spilled the tea on himself.