A1 Bentley + Lyrica Anderson Renew Vows Despite Safaree Rumors

A1 Bentley + Lyrica Anderson Renew Vows Despite Safaree Rumors

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is gonna be a lot different next year until then A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson are going through with their vow renewal ceremony.

Before the vow ceremony between A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson, momma Pam learns some disturbing tea about Lyrica. Read on…

While shopping for the wedding vow ceremony, A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson’s moms were shopping together until A1 sister-in-law showed up with receipts.

Lyrica’s mom was so over it she walked out. As for Pam, she was all in the mix ready to spill more lies.

The Lyrica / Safaree drama didn’t stop there because Samuels had a one on one conversation with Samuels.

A1 asks Safaree if he smashed. Safaree Samuels states that he NEVER smashed Lyrca. But what was BS is the moment Safaree started looking guilty about the Anaconda video, he “claims” he may or may not had sent it by mistake.

A1 just ain’t buying any of it and either is we:

Ray J was behind the messiness between A1 and Safaree, but he took to social media denying all of it.

After Safaree’s questionable confession claiming that nothing happened and breaking the bro-code, A1 has to tell his mom Pam, she’s NOT welcome if she still feeding into the Safaree rumors.  A1’s family talks about being banned from the ceremony.

Floyd A1 Bentley just wants to be happy and if that means no Bentley’s allowed at the vow renewal ceremony, so be it! Pam decides to follow her own journey by flying to Africa to marry her twenty-something West African.

The big day finally came about as the two walked down the island to renew their vows. They even had Lyrica’s mom sing a song as they walked down the aisle.

Despite it, all the love these two have is strong. Once he learned that his wife was pregnant he swore to be on her side.  On social media, Lyrica has been standing by her husband and King with an open letter confessing her love for him.

Check out A1 + Lyrica being real emotional and extra on LHH Hollywood:

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